Homework Assignments - MET CS 667 D1 - Fall 2003


Due Date

Homework assignments

F 09//18 Assignment 1: Setting up and account on the MET CS Web Development Server (dee-webdev.bu.edu) and testing your environment

M 10//06 Assignment 2: Online Banking– socket implementation


M 10/20 Assignment 3: Online Banking – RMI: instead of sockets use RMI to implement the Online Banking assignment

R 12/04 Assignment 4: Authentication: For the Online Banking application of Assignment 3 design  and implement a protocol that authenticates the server as well as the client.  Turn in a) description of your approach with explanation of design and implementation choices; b) readme how to use the application; c) the source code on dee-webdev.

Project            Project types  Projects from previous semesters: Spring 2003,  Fall 2002

W 11/24  E-mail project topic and one paragraph description

W 12/17  Final project

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