Student Projects - MET CS 667 B1 – Spring 2003


Anamitra Bhattacharyya: Distributed Chat Application Using Load Balancing

Noelle Corbin: Web Services

Nirmala Dalvi: Web Services

Alexis Gavras: Chat

James Haiar: Distributed System for Displaying, Processing, and Logging Information

Joseph Honor: Distributed Process Monitor

Nisha Karambelkar: Distributed System for Automated Purchasing

Julius Kim: Tic-Tac-Toe

Ritesh Mordani: Mathematical Computational Servers

Andrew Nason: Chat

Keshav Rajagopalan: A Distributed Document Analysis and Processing System (DAP)

Brian Richards: Distributed System for Monitoring and Interactive Modification of the SMTP Protocol

Anish Thomas: Grid Computing

Pavan Tummala: XML Parser in B2B Environment

Craig Wilkins: Messaging Infrastructure and Distributed Chat

Meng Zou: Software Inventory System 

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