Student Projects - MET CS 667 D1 - Fall 2002

Ahmad, Laiq: On- line Travel Agency

Akella, Ramana: Distributed Java Chat Application

Aviv-Reuven, Shir and Avni, Tzvi: Lets Talk

Fernandes, Leao: A System for  Tracking Stock Quotes

Floyd, David: Network Load Balancing

Henshaw, Robin: Accessing a Native XML database with Java RMI

Krasheninin, Aleksandr: Chat

Leon, Gene

Nakamura, Shinichi: DOTCOM Ranking Web Page

Niimi, Kazuhito: Barney - the Interactive Multi-Player Experience

Roman, Carlos: Instant Messenger Drawing Pad

Shahani, Jeetendra: Student Online Network

Shurtleff, Denis:  Distributed Raytracer

Simranjeet, Singh  http: Airline Reservation System

Tchertchenko, Oleg: Distributed Resume Tracking System

Tran, Tan Phong:  Golf Gamehttp

Venkataram Manohara, Vijayalakshmi: Used Bookstore

Yao, Feng: Card Game

Yu, Hongbin:http: Real Time Stock Quote from IP Phone

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