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Second Part of the System of Doctrine: Explication of the Facts of the Religious Self-Consciousness, as they are determined by the Antithesis of Sin and Grace

First Aspect of the Antithesis: Explication of the Consciousness of Sin


65 The propositions to be annunciated here must all harmonize with those of the same type in the First Part; but they must also have regard to the propositions of the Second Aspect, which explicate the consciousness of grace, these last being meanwhile held in reserve.


  • 65.1 What is the problem Schleiermacher immediately acknowledges regarding his proposal that sin exists as a result of finite existence?
  • 65.2 What is it about Schleiermacher’s antinomy between the original perfection of human beings and the derivation of sin from that original perfection that locates him in the Manichaen/Pelagian tension?


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