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Here is a proposed schedule of readings. This being a seminar, we will consider ourselves free to deviate from this timetable if it seems advisable. Students are to complete all seven sections of the Pauck biography, reading at the pace of one section per week. We will read short selections from The Essential Tillich from time to time, as they complement the readings from ST or deal with questions that arise in class discussion. We will also each read one biographical biographical work (provided by instructor) and report on that work to the class.

9/2/10: Introduction to Paul Tillich and his theology; Pauck Section 1

9/9/10: ST I: Introduction [3-68] (close read 8-27); Pauck Section 2

9/16/10: ST I: Part I/I [71-105] (close read 71-81); Pauck Section 3; Essential Tillich, ch. 2; “Two Types”

9/23/10: ST I: Part I/II [106-159] (close read 132-147); Pauck Section 4; Essential Tillich, chs. 4,7

9/30/10: ST I: Part II/I [163-210] (close read 168-186); Pauck Section 5

10/7/10: ST I: Part II/II[211-289] (close read 271-289); Pauck Section 6

10/14/10: ST II: Part III/I A-C [3-59] (close read 29-44); Pauck Section 7; Essential Tillich, ch. 20

10/21/10: ST II: Part III/I D-E [59-96] (close read 66-75); Essential Tillich, chs. 26,27,28

10/28/10: ST II: Part III/II A-B [97-138] (close read 118-127); Essential Tillich, ch. 13

11/4/10: ST II: Part III/II C-E [138-180] (close read 150-158); presentation of biographical work

11/11/10: ST III: Part IV/I [3-161] (close read 138-161)

11/18/10: ST III: Part IV/I [162-294] (close read 245-265)

11/25/10: No Class: Fall Recess

12/2/10: ST III: Part V/I [297-361] (close read 339-361)

12/9/10: ST III: Part V/II [362-423] (close read 394-419)

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