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Aim of the Course
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Aim of the Course

The primary aim of this course is read and understand the theology of Paul Tillich. The course focuses on his Systematic Theology (ST) but also covers some other of his writings and some biographical material. The secondary aim is to help students develop their own theological ideas in detailed conversation with Tillich’s, a purpose for which ST is particularly well suited.

The class has 800-level and 900-level designations to accommodate both advanced masters and doctoral students, respectively. Classes will meet once a week on Thursdays from 9:30-12:30. Each class will be conducted in the seminar discussion format with mini-lectures given by the instructor as needed or requested by the class. Typically the class will read and discuss certain sections of ST extremely closely while lectures and student presentations will keep us oriented to the wider territory within the world of ST.

Curriculum Details

Course Title: STH TT832/932, Paul Tillich

Instructor: Prof. Wesley J. Wildman

Background Required: STH TT810 (Theology II) or its equivalent; or permission of instructor.


  • A core elective for MDiv students: A TT elective for MTS students.
  • A potentially important course for DMin, ThD, and PhD students who are seeking to develop their own theological perspective in relation to an unusual rich theological system.

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