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Class Meetings
Office Hours

Class Meetings

The class meets in STH 115 from 9:00-11:00 on Wednesday mornings. The tutorials meet in STH 115 on Thursday mornings, beginning at 7:15am and ending at 9:25am.

The instructor for most of the biological sciences section will be Erica Harris (PhD candidate in Behavioral Neuroscience, Boston University School of Medicine), with a lecture on physics material from Prof. Wildman. The instructor for the physics section will be Prof. Wildman. Prof. Wildman will be teaching the Mathematics section all year. He will also be handling boundary issues throughout the year in all sections of the course.

Office Hours

Prof. Wildman during Fall 2010 and Spring 2011: Wednesday 1:30-3:00


Attendance at both the science lectures (Fridays 9-12, STH 440) and the math lectures (Wednesday 7:15-9:25, STH 440) is required for students taking the full year, such as those in the SPR program. Other students may take just the biology section in the Fall. Students wanting to take just the physics section in the Spring must attend the math section in the Fall as well, unless attendance is waived by the instructor. In addition:

  • You do not need to purchase texts for this course.The instructors will provide texts where necessary, as well extensive lecture notes. Reading consists in carefully studying these texts and lecture notes. Short books may be assigned to prepare for a segment.
  • Each student must have email and web access. This is provided free of charge for registered Boston University students. Documents are shared over email and there is a web site in support of the course under
  • CD-ROM-based science learning programs may also be required and are available for students to use as needed. Each student should have access to a CD-ROM drive and a computer capable of running these programs. Detailed requirements will be discussed in class.


A grade for the course is assigned on the basis of:

  • passing end-of-segment oral examinations with the instructors (see below for details);
  • attendance at lectures and tutorials; and
  • successful completion of periodic homework assignments.

Note: Incompletes are not given, by STH policy, except under extraordinary circumstances. Speak to Prof. Wildman about your extraordinary situation as soon as possible. Do not leave it to the last minute to ask. Also, remember that the STH Registrar has paperwork requirements.


The readings used during the course are listed in the Schedule.

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