People in Zannis Lab

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Vassilis I. Zannis, Ph.D.; Professor, Director

Eleni E. Zanni, Ph.D.; Research Associate Professor

Horng-Yuan Kan, Ph.D.; Research Assistant Professor

Irina N. Gorshkova, Ph.D.; Research Instructor

Kyriakos E. Kypreos, Ph.D.; Research Instructor

Margarita Hadzopoulou-Cladaras, Ph.D.; Adjunct Associate Professor

Gayle Forbes; Lab Manager

Anne Plunkett; Administrative Assistant

Angelika Chroni, Ph.D.; Research Associate

Tong Liu, Ph.D.; Research Associate

Jordan Karagiannides; Ph.D. Candidate

George Koukos; Ph.D. Candidate

Costas Drosatos; Ph.D. Candidate

Adelina Shkodrani DDS; Research Instructor

Kyriaki Bakirtzi; Research Assistant

Heidi Wison; Research Assistant

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