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In the past years, Dr. Vassilis I. Zannis has published 112 original peer-reviewed articles and 36 review and book chapters. Click here to link to PubMed.

Recent publications in peer-reviewed journals:

1. Georgopoulos, G., A. McKee, H.-Y. Kan, V.I. Zannis. 2002. Generation and characterization of two transgenic mouse lines expressing the human apoE2 in neurons and glial cells. Biochemistry (in press)

2. Liu, T., M. Krieger, H.-Y. Kan, and V.I. Zannis. 2002. The effects of mutations in helices 4 and 6 of ApoA-I on SR-BI-mediated reconstituted HDL binding and cholesterol efflux suggest that formation of a productive complex between lipoproteins and SR-BI is required for efficient lipid transport. J. Biol. Chem. 277:21576-21584.

3. Li, X., H.-Y. Kan, S. Lavrentiadou, M. Krieger, and V.I. Zannis. 2002. Reconstituted discoidal apoE-phospholipid particles are ligands for the scavenger receptor B-1. The amino terminal 1-165 domain of apoE suffices for receptor binding. J. Biol. Chem. 277:21149-21157.

4. Kardassis, D., E. Falvey, P. Tsantili, M. Hadzopoulou-Cladaras and V.I. Zannis. 2002. Direct physical interactions between HNF-4 and SP1 mediate synergistic transactivation of the apolipoprotein CIII promoter. Biochemistry 41:1217-1218.

5. Reardon, C.A., H.-Y. Kan, V. Cabana, L. Blachowicz, J.R. Lukens, Q. Wu, K. Liadaki, G.S. Getz, and V.I. Zannis. 2001. In vivo studies of HDL assembly and metabolism using adenovirus-mediated transfer of apoA-I mutants in apoA-I-deficient mice. Biochemistry 40:13670 -13680.

6. Kypreos, K.E., B. Teusink, K.W. van Dijk, L.M. Havekes, and V.I. Zannis. 2001. The carboxy terminal 260-299 domain of apoE is involved in apoE-induced hypertriglyceridemia in vivo. FASEB J. 15:1598-1600.

7. Kypreos, K.E., K.W. van Dijk, A. van der Zee, L.M. Havekes, and V.I. Zannis. 2001. Domains of apolipoprotein E contributing to triglyceride and cholesterol homeostasis in vivo. J. Biol. Chem. 276:19778-19786.

8. Kypreos, K.E., P. Morani, K.W. van Dijk, L.M. Havekes, V.I. Zannis. 2000. The amino-terminal 1-185 domain of apoE promotes the clearance of lipoprotein remnants in vivo. The carboxy-terminal domain is required for induction of hyperlipidemia in normal and apoE-deficient mice. Biochemistry 40:6027-6035.

9. Herscovitz, H., A. Derksen, M.T. Walsh, C.J. McKnight, D.L. Gantz, M. Hadzopoulou-Cladaras, V. Zannis, C. Curry, D.M. Small. 2001. The N-terminal 17% of apoB binds tightly and irreversibly to emulsions modeling nascent very low density lipoproteins. J. Lipid Res. 42:51-59.

10. Georgopoulos, S., H.-Y. Kan, V.I. Zannis. 2000. The SP1 sites of the apoCIII promoter are required for the expression of the apoCIII gene as well as the intestinal expression of the apoE-I gene in transgenic mice. Nucl. Acids Res. 28:4919-4929.

11. Carraway, M., H. Herscovitz, V. Zannis, D.M. Small. 2000. Specificity of lipid incorporation is determined by sequences in the N-terminal 37% of apoB. Biochemistry 39:9737-9745.

12. Gorshkova, I.N., K. Liadaki, O. Gursky, D. Atkinson, V.I. Zannis. 2000. Probing the lipid-free structure and stability of apolipoprotein A-I by mutation. Biochemistry 39:15910-15919.

13. Kan, H.-Y., S. Georgopoulos, V.I. Zannis. 2000. A hormone response element in the human apoCIII enhancer is essential for intestinal expression of the apoA-I and apoCIII genes and contributes to the hepatic expression of the two linked genes in transgenic mice. J. Biol. Chem.275:30423-30431.

14. Kardassis, D., K. Pardali, V.I. Zannis. 2000. SMAD proteins transactivate the human apoCIII promoter by physically and functionally interacting with hepatocyte nuclear factor 4. J. Biol. Chem. 275:41405-41414.

15. Liadaki, K.N., T. Liu, S. Xu, B.Y. Ishida, P.N. Duchateaux, J.P. Krieger, J. Kane, M. Krieger, V.I. Zannis. 2000. Binding of high density lipoprotein (HDL) and discoidal reconstituted HDL to the HDL receptor scavenger receptor class B type I. J. Biol. Chem. 275: 21262-21271.

16. Aleshkov, S.B., X. Li, S.N. Lavrentiadou, and V.I. Zannis. 1999. Contribution of cysteine 158, the glycosylation site theonine 194, the amino- and carboxy-terminal domains of apolipoprotein E in the binding to amyloid peptide ( (1-40). Biochemistry 38:8918-8925.

17. Kan, H.-Y., P. Pissios, J. Chambaz, and V.I. Zannis. 1999. DNA binding specificity and transactivation properties of SREBP-2 bound to multiple sites on the human apoA-II promoter. Nucl. Acids Res. 27:1104-1117.

18. Le Beyec, J., V. Chauffeton, H.-Y. Kan, P.-L. Janvier, C. Cywiner, F.-P Chatelet, A.D. Kalopissis, V. Zannis, J. Chambaz, M. Pinçon-Raymond and P. Cardot. 1999. The intergenic sequence –700/-310 upstream of the apoA-IV promoter and the –890/-520 apoCIII enhancer are sufficient to restrict gene expression in intestinal villus enterocytes along the cephalo-caudal and crypt-villus axis. J. Biol. Chem. 274:4954-4961.

19. Pissios, P., H.-Y. Kan, S. Nagaoka, and V.I. Zannis. 1999. SREBP-1 binds to multiple sites and transactivates the human apoA-II promoter in vitro: "PRIVATE" SREBP-1 mutants defective in DNA binding or transcriptional activation repress the apoA-II promoter activity. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis & Vascular Biology 19:1456-1469.

20. Lavrentiadou, S.N., M. Hadzopoulou-Cladaras, D. Kardassis and V.I. Zannis. 1999. Binding specificity and modulation of the human apoCIII promoter activity by heterodimers of ligand-dependent nuclear receptors. Biochemistry 38:964-975.

Reviews and Book Chapters:

1. Zannis, V.I., H.-Y. Kan, S. Georgopoulos, D. Kardassis. 2002. Transcriptional regulatory mechanisms of the human apoA-I/apoCIII gene cluster in vitro and in transgenic mice: The role of nuclear receptors. Knowledge Press (in press)

2. Kypreos, K.E., M.V. Zanni, P. Pissios, D. Kardassis and V.I. Zannis. 2001. Use of adenovirus–mediated gene transfer for the study of structure, function, and transcriptional analysis of the human apolipoproteins.

3. Zannis, V.I., and J.C. Cohen. 2001. Genes affecting atherosclerosis. Current Opinion in Lipidology 12:93-95.

4. Zannis, V.I., H.-Y. Kan, A. Kritis, E. Zanni and D. Kardassis. 2001. Transcriptional regulation of the human apolipoprotein genes. Frontiers in Bioscience (D. Hui, ed.) 6:456-504.

5. Zannis, V.I., H.-Y. Kan, S. Georgopoulos, E.-M. Novak and D. Kardassis. 2001. Transcriptional regulation of pro- and anti-atherogenic genes. In: Vascular Endothelium: Source and Target of Inflammatory Mediators NATO ASI Series: Life Sciences (Catravas, J.D., A.D. Callow and U.S. Ryan, eds.) 308:42-84.

6. Zannis, V.I., H.-Y. Kan, A. Kritis, E.E. Zanni and D. Kardassis. 2001. Transcriptional regulatory mechanisms of the human apolipoprotein genes in vitro and in vivo. Current Opinion in Lipidology 12:181-207.

7. Segrest, J.P., S.C. Harvey and V.I. Zannis. 2000. Detailed molecular model of apolipoprotein A-I on the surface of high-density lipoproteins and its functional implications. Trends Cardiovasc. Med. 10:246-252.

8. Segrest, J.P., L. Li, G.M. Anantharamaiah, S.C. Harvey, K.N. Liadaki and V.I. Zannis. 2000. Structure and function of apolipoprotein A-I and high-density lipoprotein. Current Opinion in Lipidology 11:105-115.

9. Zannis, V.I. and J. Cohen. 2000. Old and new players in the lipoprotein system. Current Opinion in Lipidology 11:101-103.

10. Zannis, V.I., E.E. Zanni, S.C. Makrides, D. Kardassis and S. Aleshkov. 1998. Role of apolipoprotein E in Alzheimer's disease. In: NATO ASI Series, Life Sciences (J.D. Catravas, ed.) Plenum Press, N.Y. 294:179-209.

11. Kardassis, D., M. Laccotripe, I. Talianidis and V.I. Zannis. (1996) Transcriptional regulation of the genes involved in lipoprotein transport. The role of proximal promoters and long range regulatory elements and factors in apolipoprotein gene region. Hypertension 27:980-1008.

12. Zannis, V.I., M. Laccotripe, S.C. Makrides, D. Kardassis and E. Zanni (1996) Genetic factors contributing to cardiovascular disease. The role of apolipoproteins and their receptors. In: Vascular Endothelium: Responses to Injury. NATO ASI Series (J.D. Catravas, A.D. Callow and U.S. Ryan, eds.) Series A: Life Sciences, Vol. 281, pp. 69-128.

13. Zannis, V., C. Cladaras and I. Talianidis (1995) Role of the hormone response elements (HRE) and the apoCIII enhancer in the transcriptional regulation of the genes involved in lipid transport. Xth International Symposium on Atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis (F.P. Woodford, J. Davignon, A. Sniderman, eds.) Elsevier Publishing Company, pp. 400-408.

14. Zannis, V.I., Cardot, P., Cladaras, C., Zanni, E., Chambaz, J., Talianidis, I., Zannis, V.I. and Kardassis, D. (1994) Transcriptional regulation of the human apolipoprotein genes. In: Liver Gene Expression (F. Tronche and M. Yaniv, eds.) R.G. Landes Biomedical Publishers, Austin, TX USA pp. 63-85.

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