Hanged Man

Hanged Man (2010) by David Nez

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Day: In the village square, Youth enters with his newly found Bear, which he is teaching to dance. Vixen makes her dramatic (re)entrance: now as femme fatale, but a bad cook with a very hot temper, she charms all with her magical singing. She, however, complains that a good man is impossible to find. At Vixen's request, Roma throws a tarot card for her, the Magician, prompting the Vixen to explain the folk magic she uses to charm suitors. Roma sings a sad song of old spinsters, "yesterday's apples." A clarinetist wanders in, stops to explain he is on his way to perform at the village festival the next evening, and invites all to attend.

Premiere at Boston University, April 1, 2011 (duration 8:30)

Cast: Rebekah Alexander, Elissa Alvarez, Ian Geers, Ulysses Thomas, Gregory Zavracky.

Xanthos Ensemble conducted by Jeffrey Means:
Zachary Jay (flute/piccolo), Alexis Lanz (clarinet), Brenda van der Merwe (violin),
Leo Eguchi (cello),Eunyoung Kim (piano), David Tarantino (percussion).

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