Anima Mundi

Phantom Femme #2 (1998) by David Nez

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Morning: In the village square, Roma and Guslar sit, chatting and smoking. Hajduk and Vixen enter after a night of stormy love. Guslar asks why Hajduk became an outlaw. Since Hajduk is unwilling to explain, Roma throws cards to find an explanation, selecting three cards: the Lovers, the Hanged Man, and Death. Startled, Hajduk jokes that he has never "had his own wife," but Guslar pipes up that he has been married several times (already). To illustrate the three (his)stories suggested by the different cards, characters enact stories of Fatima (forced to choose, as husband, between a rich old chieftain or handsome poor warrior), The Robber's Bride (discovering, too late, the type of man she was hastily married off to), and Old Mother of Dzhaferbeg (murderously jealous of her beautiful young daughter-in-law).

Premiere at Boston University, April 1, 2011 (duration 24:00)

Cast: Rebekah Alexander, Elissa Alvarez, Ian Geers, Ulysses Thomas, Gregory Zavracky.

Xanthos Ensemble conducted by Jeffrey Means:
Zachary Jay (flute/piccolo), Alexis Lanz (clarinet), Brenda van der Merwe (violin),
Leo Eguchi (cello),Eunyoung Kim (piano), David Tarantino (percussion).

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