Sun in Pisces

Sun in Pisces (2011) by David Nez

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Day: Roma, departing from the village, sings pensively of the passing of time. Hajduk enters, rushing on his way out, quite relieved to be single again (apparently the dalliance with the Vixen was too hot to handle). As a parting gesture, Roma throws one last tarot card, the Wheel of Fortune. After they sing a duet about the good times past, they leave, having decided to continue their travels together.

Premiere at Boston University, April 1, 2011 (duration 8:00)

Cast: Rebekah Alexander, Elissa Alvarez, Ian Geers, Ulysses Thomas, Gregory Zavracky.

Xanthos Ensemble conducted by Jeffrey Means:
Zachary Jay (flute/piccolo), Alexis Lanz (clarinet), Brenda van der Merwe (violin),
Leo Eguchi (cello),Eunyoung Kim (piano), David Tarantino (percussion).

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