The Fool (2010) by David Nez

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Evening: In the mountains echoing with shepherds' cries, Roma is traveling, sadly singing to herself that no one will take "a gypsy lass." To amuse herself, she throws tarot cards, choosing the Moon, indicating magical influences and unusual people, then lays down to rest. Fiddling Hajduk enters, also on his wanders. Having met before, they swap jokes about the quixotic nature of love. At Hajduk's request, Roma throws him a tarot card, the Three of Swords, suggesting several tragic loves, but with no specific time - the past, present, or future?

Premiere at Boston University, April 1, 2011 (duration 9:30)

Cast: Rebekah Alexander, Elissa Alvarez, Ian Geers, Ulysses Thomas, Gregory Zavracky.

Xanthos Ensemble conducted by Jeffrey Means:
Zachary Jay (flute/piccolo), Alexis Lanz (clarinet), Brenda van der Merwe (violin),
Leo Eguchi (cello),Eunyoung Kim (piano), David Tarantino (percussion).

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