THE ROOSTER BLUES BAND'S NEW ALBUM (February 2004), Bluestoons:

Recorded in the true fashion of Motown, Chess, Imperial and other famous labels - sax in the kitchen, keys in the dining room, vocals in the hallway, guitars squeezed together in the living room - "Bluestoons" features 11 songs of hard shuffle-blues, tight grooves, dynamic soul ballads, and fresh readings of classics, ranging from tunes by Milt Jackson to Jagger/Richards. Clever, fun, and stylish, the 11 songs contain the essence of the Rooster Band's versatility with jazz, blues, R&B, funk, and even psychedelic idioms.

The players on this album are: Victor Coelho , electric and acoustic guitars; David Morton , vocals, guitar; Mohini Cox , vocals; Tom Knowles , bass; Paul Woodrow , keyboards; Pat Belliveau , saxophone; and Kenton McDonald , drums

According to guitarist and band founder Victor Coelho, " Bluestoons represents a significant departure from our earlier release, Come on in My Kitchen (2001), through the classic evolutionary process of taking one step forward and two steps back. In the earlier album, the group recorded in two of the most acoustically perfect halls in North America as a way to bring out our live "concert" sound. Over the past two years, a steady diet of club engagements and collaborations has naturally changed our musical appetites.

"Bluestoons was instead house-recorded in the tried-and-true fashion of the great Blues and R&B labels, all live off the floor. The result is a warm sound full of life, laughter, and friendly banter - like a good family dinner!"