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NOTE: I do not hold copyright for any of these pictures. I present them here solely for the purpose of allowing students to see pictures of the authors they read and not for use in any commercial venture. All have been floating around the web for years and I assume, and have every reason to believe, either that they are in the public domain or that their use here is covered by fair-use guidelines, and that their presentation here on my website is neither financially unfair to anyone nor legally improper. If I am mistaken in any of these assumptions, I would appreciate being alerted, and I will withdraw the offending picture from the gallery immediately.

Beethoven, Ludwig van1 (not a thinker, exactly, but I could not resist) Beethoven, Ludwig van2 Beethoven, Ludwig van3
Beethoven, Ludwig van4 Berkeley, George Descartes, Rene1
Descartes, Rene2 Queen Kristina of Sweden (Descartes' employer) Descartes, Rene4-All Star
Descartes, Rene Dilthey, Wilhelm Feuerbach, Ludwig
Fichte Hegel, Georg1 Hegel, Georg2-Goethe's Gift
Hegel, Georg3-Lecture Hegel, Georg4-Young Hegelians' Meeting Hegel, Georg5
Hegel, Georg6 Hegel, Georg7-Note, Signature Herder
Hobbes, Thomas Hume, David1 Hume, David2
Hume, David3 Kant, Immanuel1 Kant, Immanuel2
Kant, Immanuel3 Kant, Immanuel4-Peace manuscript Kant, Immanuel5-stamp engraving
Kant, Immanuel6-his house Kant, Immanuel7 Kierkegaard, Soren1
Kierkegaard, Soren2 Laplace, Pierre Simon de Leibniz, Gottfried1
Leibniz, Gottfried2 Leibniz, Gottfried3-1703 Leibniz, Gottfried4- Monadology manuscript
Leibniz, Gottfried5-House Leibniz, Gottfried6- Integral manuscript, 1675 Leibniz, Gottfried7
Locke, John1 Locke, John2-manuscript Locke, John3
Locke, John4 Locke, John5 Marx, Karl1
Marx, Karl2 Marx, Karl3 Marx, Karl4-All Star
Mill, John Stuart Montaigne, Michel de Newton, Isaac
Nietzsche, Friedrich1 Nietzsche, Friedrich Nietzsche, Friedrich
Nietzsche, Friedrich2- his house Nietzsche, Friedrich3- as a young man Nietzsche, Friedrich4- Mein Leben manuscript
Nietzsche, Friedrich5- with his mother Nietzsche, Friedrich6- Oratorio score, 1860 Nietzsche, Friedrich7- Totenmask (death mask)
Pascal, Blaise Pascal, Blaise Pascal, Blaise
Rousseau, Jean Jacques1 Rousseau, Jean Jacques2-All Star Schelling, Friedrich von
Schopenhauer, Arthur1- 1818 Schopenhauer, Arthur2 Schopenhauer, Arthur3- WWV manuscript
Smith, Adam Spinoza, Baruch1 Spinoza, Baruch2
Spinoza, Baruch3-Tractatus Theologico Politicus manuscript Spinoza, Baruch4-his workroom Swedenborg, Emanuel
Voltaire, Francois-Marie Arouet de1 Voltaire, Francois-Marie Arouet de2-AllStar  

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