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Gallery of Religious Thinkers and Figures

The pictures of theologians are organized alphabetically in groups. The first letter of the most common name for each theologian is used.

[A-B]        [C-G]        [H-K]

[L-P]        [Q-Z]

Of course, the distinction between philosophers and theologians is quite meaningless at many times and places but that does not prevent arbitrary assignment of a thinker to one group or the other! For pictures of other thinkers, visit the other galleries (see the menu of galleries to the left).

Rafael's "Disputation of the Blessed Sacrament" (including pictures of several theologians)

NOTE: I do not hold copyright for any of these pictures. I present them here solely for the purpose of allowing students to see pictures of the authors they read and not for use in any commercial venture. All have been floating around the web for years and I assume, and have every reason to believe, either that they are in the public domain or that their use here is covered by fair-use guidelines, and that their presentation here on my website is neither financially unfair to anyone nor legally improper. If I am mistaken in any of these assumptions, I would appreciate being alerted, and I will withdraw the offending picture from the gallery immediately.

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