Materials, Devices and Processes for Energy and Environmental Sustainability

Current Research Group
Research in Progress
Degrees Granted

Faculty :

  • Uday B. Pal, Professor, Div. of Matls. Sc. and Engineering and Department of Mech. Engineering, Boston University

Research Associate and Research Professor:

  • Peter Zink

Graduate Students:

  • Zhihao Sun
  • Zhikuan Zhu
  • Michelle Sugimoto
  • Lu Yanchen
  • Paul Gasper
  • Boshen Mo

Undergraduate Students:

  • Brian Butler

Collaborators :

  • Dr. Adam Powell, Infinium
  • Prof. Hailei Zhao, University of Science and Technology, Beijing, China
  • Professor Soumendra Basu, Boston University
  • Professor Srikanth Gopalan, Boston University
  • Professor Kevin Smith, Boston University
  • Professor Karl Ludwig, Boston University

Major Laboratory Capability :

Screen Printing, Tape Casting, Particle Size Analyzer, Ball Mills, High-energy Mills, X-ray diffraction, Potentiostat and High Frequency Impedance Aanalyzers, TG (CAHN) Balance, Fuel Cell Test Stands, Several High-Temperature Furnaces, Quadropole Mass Spectroscopes, Infrared Gas Analyzers, Brookfield Viscometer, Measurement of Reaction Kinetics in High-Temperature Reactors with on-line Mass Spec and Infrared Gas Analyzers, and Vacuum Induction Furnace.

Other In-house Facilities:

State of the Art Machine Shop, Foundry, Microscopy (Optical and Electron), Welding and Wet Chemical Analyses.