Boston Light (2004)
Joseph Nguyen
Wood, Prisms, & Tension Cable
10' x 10'

Boston Light is a reflection of the cycle of day and night in the urban Boston setting. By day, and especially with direct sunlight, the work refracts the sunlight into a chaotic world. The simple sculptural cityscape is transformed into an intricate society of bent light. Then as the sun subsides and transforms into night, we are left with a sculptural work that is lit up to reveal the calm and peaceful city of Boston.

The site for Boston Light is the second floor lobby area directly behind the atrium staircase. There are three large windows that face the Massachusetts Turnpike, each approximately 10 feet by 10 feet. The actual piece would be located in the center of the three windows.

To elaborate on the work, the general idea is to construct a curtain-like fixture covering the window. The curtain will instead be constructed of a series of strands. The strands will collectively form a sheet of cables numbering 100+. On each strand will be carefully placed prism pieces of various sizes and shapes. Together, the mass of strands will reveal a glimmering image of the Boston cityscape when viewed from afar (10-15ft. away). As the sun moves across the sky the prisms will project various colors throughout the entire space. When darkness approaches, or if the sky is dark to begin with, the recessed lighting on the base of the work will illuminate. The base lighting will be housed in a wooden box that will hide all the electrical necessities of the piece. At the top the strands will be held by a curtain like support structure that is also visibly hidden by a wooden exterior panel.