The Language of Light (2004)
Javier Cabra, Brad Finkelstein & Eva Jermyn
Transmission Hologram
5 ' x 2'

The following proposal is for an art installation that brings the technology of light to the students and employees who pass through the Photonics Center. We propose to do this by combining the technology of holographic imaging with a creative twist on written language.

The piece is a transmission hologram (back-lit) featuring an image of the word "Photonics" as a 3D object with a figural presence. The hologram is 5'x 2' and is suspended at eye level by floor-to-ceiling cables. The image has been sketched by hand, represented in Photoshop, and produced in Maya.

We propose to place the hologram at an entrance to welcome people and create a desire to learn more about what goes on inside the building by using light as our medium of design.

The Language of Light - Virtual Installation
Javier Cabra, Brad Finkelstein & Eva Jermyn