Research Projects

A little about what we study:

We are interested in the dynamic behavior of glutamate receptors, which mediate neuronal communication in the brain and serve as the molecular substrates for higher brain function (learning, memory, cognition) and dysfunction (neurotoxicity, neurodegeneration, drug addiction and psychiatric disorders).

AMPA Receptor Trafficking and Turnover

Alterations in AMPAR localization and turnover are critical mechanisms underpinning synaptic plasticity and higher brain functions.

Homeostatic Plasticity

Homeostatic plasticity is a compensatory regulation in neuronal activity, which is crucial for the maintenance of neuronal and neural circuit stability.

Neurobiology of Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder gene mutations discovered in humans have consistently revealed aberrant synaptic function.

Neuronal Development and Growth

The bioenergy sensor, AMPK, plays a crucial role in the regulation of axon initiation, which is crucial for neural network wiring and information processing in the brain.