Dan Clemens - Curriculum Vitae


1985 Ph.D., Physics, University of Massachusetts
1983 M.S., Astronomy, University of Massachusetts
1980 M.S., Physics, University of Massachusetts
1978 B.S., Physics, University of California at Davis
1978 B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of California at Davis


2018-2023 - Chair, Astronomy Department, Boston University
2002-2024 - Professor, Boston University
1999-2003 - Director, Institute for Astrophysical Research, Boston University
1994-2002 - Associate Professor, Boston University
1988-1994 - Assistant Professor, Boston University
1987-1988 - Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
1985-1987 - Bart J. Bok Fellow, University of Arizona
1978-1984 - Research Assistant, University of Massachusetts


Molecular Clouds, Star Formation, Galactic Structure
Polarimetry, Instrumentation


Metcalf Award for Excellence in Teaching (Boston University, 2000)
American Astronomical Society
International Astronomical Union
Bart J. Bok Fellowship (1985-1987)
Tau Beta Pi (1978)

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University of Arizona

  • AST 100 - Introductory Astronomy
    • (F87; S88)

Boston University

  • CLA/CAS AS102 - The Astronomical Universe
    • (F89; F90; S92; F92; F94; F99; F00; F03; F04; F10; S14; F14; F16; F18)
  • CLA/CAS AS312 - Stellar and Galactic Astrophysics
    • (S89; S90; S92; S94; S96; S97; S98; S99; S03)
  • CLA/CAS AS401,2 - Senior Distinction Thesis
    • (F93; S94; F95; S96; F96; S97; F97; S98; F98; S99; F06; S07; F08; S09; F09; F10; S11; F11; S12)
  • CLA/CAS AS441 - Observational Astronomy
    • (S9; S00; S01; S03; S04; S05; S06; S07; S08; S12; S15)
  • CLA AS491,2 - Undergraduate Directed Study
    • (F89; S90; S94; F94; F05; F06; S08)
  • CLA AS591 - Introduction to Astrophysics and Space Physics I
    • (F91; F93)
  • GRS AS699 - Teaching in Astronomy
    • (F92; F94; F98; S99; F99; F00; F10; S14; F14)
  • GRS AS701 - Introductory Astrophysics
    • (F97; F06)
  • GRS AS710 - Observational Techniques
    • (F01; F09; F11; F17)
  • GRS AS713 - Astronomical Spectroscopy
    • (F96; S07; S11; F12; S17; S19)
  • GRS AS720 - Research and Scholarship in Astronomy
    • (S21; S22)
  • GRS AS721 - Observational Techniques
    • (F91; F93)
  • GRS AS751 - Galactic Astronomy and the Interstellar Medium
    • (F88; S93; F95; F05)
  • GRS AS751 - Interstellar Medium
    • (F08; S13; F19)
  • GRS AS791 - Special Topics (ISM II, III)
    • (S06; F06)
  • GRS AS802 - Graduate Research and Scholarship
    • (S15; S18; S19; S20)
  • GRS AS803 - Astronomical Data Analysis and Numerical Methods
    • (S10; S15; S18)
  • GRS AS850, 851- Astrophysics Seminar
    • (F95; S10; F13; S14)
  • GRS AS901, 2 - Research in Astronomy
    • (S92; S99; F99; S00; F00; F03; S04; S05; F05; S06; F11; S12; F12; S14; F14)
  • GRS AS911,2 - Graduate Directed Study
    • (F90; S91; S92; F04; S05; S06; F06; S07; F07; S08; F08; S09; F09; S10; F12; F13; S14)

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