MET CS 563 Software Development with C++ for Mathematical Finance --  Spring 2010

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Course Format & Policies

Class sessions: New material will be presented in the lecture format while reviews will be conducted in discussion forms.

Attendance, timely submission of homework assignments, and taking the midterm and final exam are mandatory requirements for successful completion of the course. 

This course has a hands-on "learn by doing" as well as a theoretical component. You will have to do homework assignments to help you master the material. You will also have to read the textbook in advance to prepare for each lecture and to be ready to discuss the issues related to the current class topic.

If an emergency occurs, you will be granted an extension; to obtain it, you should inform me prior to the deadline and we will set up a timetable and priorities for completing the late work. Please, do not make your own scheduling decisions without consulting with me first.

Discussions in class are highly encouraged.  Do not hesitate to ask questions: they help me and the entire class understand what issues are more difficult and accordingly spend more time discussing them.

Academic Honesty:  Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. They will result in no credit for the homework or examination and may lead to disciplinary actions (for details see the Academic Conduct Code at . This should not be understood as a discouragement for discussing the material or your particular approach to a problem with other students in the class. On the contrary—you should share your thoughts, questions and solutions. Naturally, if you choose to work in a group, you will be expected to come up with more than one and highly original solutions rather than the same mistakes.