MET CS 563 Software Development with C++ for Mathematical Finance -- Spring 2010

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Assessment of your performance in this course is performed through homework programming assignments that test implementation skills and in-class exams that address theoretical knowledge, program solving ability, and facility with language syntax and semantics. Satisfactory performance in both the programming assignments as well as the exams is required in order to successfully complete the course.

Weighting: The final grade is based on

         40% programming assignments

         30% midterm,

         30% final examination.

         Extra Credit may be awarded for class participation, discovering technical errors (not just typos) in the lecture notes, additional functional features to the homework problems, or especially creative solutions.   The extra credit is not included in the total points earned but will bring you up to the higher grade when you are close to the borderline between two grades.

Grading criteria include your ability to understand course concepts and their relationships, find good solutions, and programming skills in using C++ syntax and semantics correctly. A detailed grading rubric is given for each assignment.

Exams test knowledge of programming terms and concepts, C++ syntax, problem solving ability and programming skills. They are closed book, but you are allowed to prepare and bring a "crib sheet" (two-sided) with hand-written notes along.

The exams are graded by the instructor and solutions for the midterm are discussed in class the week after the exam; you can review your final and discuss it with the instructor after the grades are posted. 

Programming Assignments require you to develop working usable programs and are an integral component of this class. Their satisfactory completion is an absolute requirement for receiving any credit for this course, i.e. a failing grade in the programming assignments automatically triggers a failing grade in the course; even if you have brilliant results in the in-class midterm and final exams (the converse is also true).

Please, do not submit programs that do not compile! They will be returned without being graded. If you encounter problems with the assignments you should contact the Teaching Associate before submitting the program.

The homework assignments are graded by the Teaching Associate and you should first address your questions to him/her.

Homework is due one week after posted. For further submission details see the problem statements.

Homework assignments are graded based on several categories such as correctness, robustness, user-friendliness, maintainability, documentation, programming style.  The specific grading categories and their relative weights are explained in a grading rubric for the particular problem.

Late homework submission results in a 10% point deduction per day and homework assignments will not be accepted if they are late more than five days.   Exceptions to this rule are given only for religious holidays, certified medical reasons, or exceptional circumstances for which the instructor has granted prior permission.