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Aim of the Course

Aim of the Course

For theological thinking to avoid superficiality, it is important to have both a solid understanding of the modern world that stimulates our thinking and a serious grasp of theological themes. An ability to think with precision and creativity is also vital. These skills and bodies of knowledge can lead to deep insights and also help us to avoid pitfalls and dead ends as we do our own theological thinking.

This course aims to teach theological thinking by doing a lot of it. In particular, the class is designed to place the specific experiences of participants in conversation with each other and with the wisdom of the authors of our readings. The result should be a thought-provoking, exploratory process that helps us become more effective theological thinkers.

Curriculum Details

Course Title: STH TT852, Theological Thinking for Everyday Life and Ministry

Instructor: Prof. Wesley J. Wildman

Background Required: STH TT810 (Theology II) or its equivalent; or permission of instructor.


  • An elective for masters students: A good follow-up to Theology II (TT810); meets Theology III requirement for M. Div. students.
  • A useful course for DMin students: An opportunity for DMin students to connect powerful contemporary understandings of the world to the practical contexts in which they work; an opportunity to think theologically about their DMin projects.
  • A intriguing course for those outside STH: A chance to relate life and work contexts to theological and ethical questions.

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