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"Caring for Individuals
as a Group:
A Theological Analysis of Care of the Elderly in Nursing Homes

By Vicki Oman

Caring for the Elders in Our Society

Reflections: On caring for the “individuals” in nursing homes

Theological Analysis:  A vision of caring through mutual knowing

What is “a valuable life”?: A theological poem

References for this project

What is “A Valuable Life”?
A Theological Poem

What a waste!?

C. Mary Austin

(a creed)

We believe in the God who created and sustains the universe
Who holds it in his loving care
For whom each is his beloved child
Whoever they are
Wherever they are
Whether they know it or not.
And so we believe in the God who loves
Who loves those society fears
Who loves those who are different
In all their broken humanity
And powerlessness
We see this in the revelation of Christ
In whom God was reconciling the world.
And so it is not a waste to care
Not a waste to love
Not a waste to give time to the needs
Of one who is confused 
To bring them indeed
A presence of Christ
To ‘anoint’ them with oil
And bring…
Joy in the Moment…
In the Land of Forgetfulness.

(Austin, 124)

Theological Analysis: A vision of caring through mutual knowing

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