Teaching Materials



Course Syllabii and Slides

Strategy & Innovation (SI 422): Undergraduate

Boston University introductory class in business strategy and innovation for undergraduates.

Business Strategy (SI 751): MBA

MBA-level core class in business strategy.

Causal Inference for Strategy Research (PhD)

PhD-level methods class focused on applying methods for causal inference using observation data to applications in business and industrial economics.

Organizations in Strategy and Economics (PhD)

PhD-level readings class focused on different views of similar topics within Organization Theory and Organizational Economics (co-taught with Samina Karim).

RD Practice Data Set (PhD)

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Teaching Data Sets

Executive MBA: AnnualSales.xls spreadsheet

This is a link to the AnnualSales.xls worksheet that will be used in the Boston University EMBA pre-program Data Analysis module. Here are the class slides in Powerpoint and pdf formats.

Executive MBA: Brookline Home Prices

This is a link to data on selling price and appraised values for single family homes in Brookline, MA in 2011. These data are available in both Stata and Excel file formats. Here are the slides to accompany the video (in pptx and pdf format) and a map of Brookline (with neighborhood codes) for those who are interested.

Reading Lists

Classic Strategy Readings

This is a list of some classic readings in strategy that might interest anyone whose curiosity was piqued in their introductory strategy class or electives.

Incoming Strategy PhD Readings

This is a list to some readings that should interest an incoming first-year Strategy PhD student (developed with help of the BU S&I department).

Empirical Etiquette

Guide to Empirical Etiquette

I'm working to develop on some rules-of-thumb for good etiquette in empirical research. I find it very useful in PhD teaching, where students are often looking for a checklist of things to do once they have chosen a particular method. This list is a work in progress, so feel free to send me your suggestions.

Do I Have an Endogeneity Problem?

Anne Bowers, Rosemarie Ziedonis and I organized a session with this title for the 2012 Academy of Management meetings. Materials from each presentations are contained in the following links. The presenters were Pierre Azoulay, Alberto Galasso, Tim Simcoe, Jesper Sorenson, David Waguespack, and Rosemarie Ziedonis.

We revived the Endogeneity session for the 2014 Academy of Management Meetings, and there were presentations by Vikas Aggarwal, Victor Bennett, Anne Bowers, Rosemarie Ziedonis, and myself. Here are the survey and data used to create my presentation.