Publications: Patricia Larash

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Department of Classical Studies
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2007. "Who Owns an Epigram? Authorship Anxieties in Martial's Rome." Boston Area Roman Studies Conference, Boston University.

2007. "Who Owns an Epigram? Martial's Authorship Anxieties and Public Discourse on the Streets of Rome." Society of Fellows, Humanities Foundation, Boston University.

2006. "Who Owns an Epigram? Martial's Authorship Anxieties." University of Waterloo.

2006. "Martial's Priapic Poetics: A Gendered and Sexualized Reading of his Preface to Book 2", Tertulia working group, Boston University.

2005. "Lector amice: Negotiating the Role of the Reader in Ovid's Tristia," University of Liverpool.

2004. "Martial and Spectacles: Reading, Anonymity, and Power in Flavian Rome," Boston University.

2004. "Martial's Lectrix Studiosa: What Men Can Learn by Watching Women Read in Book Three of the Epigrams," Annual Meeting of the American Philological Association (APA), San Francisco, CA.

2002. "Talking Back and the Emergence of the General Reader in Martial," given at "Dialogues in Antiquity," Heller Conference, UC-Berkeley.

2001. "Fame and Immortality in Martial," Annual Meeting of the APA, San Diego, CA.

1998. "Painted Personae: Female Cosmetics and Male Publication Anxieties in Latin Love Elegy," Annual Meeting of the APA, Washington, DC.


2005. Review of Craig A. Williams. Martial. "Epigrams" Book 2. Edited with Introduction, Translation, and Commentary. Pp. xii + 303. Oxford. Classical Philology 100.3.


Book-length project on the figure of the general reader in Martial's Epigrams, especially as it relates to other literary and performance genres and the form of epigram.

Article-length project, "Lector Amice: Negotiating the Role of the Reader in Ovid's Tristia."

Article-length project, "Decianus Despite Himself: Stick-Wielders and Togate Dancers in Martial, 2.praef."

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