American Occupational Therapy conference, Orlando, Florida, Saturday, May 1

Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation- 20 Years of Global Contributions to Work and Occupational Therapy (Poster 522)
Karen Jacobs; Lynn Shaw; Birgit Prodinger

Perspectives on Distance Education (Poster 614)
Karen Jacobs; Lori Vaughn; Scott McNeil; George Vaughn, Jaime Chandler

Tech Day
A Participatory Workshop on Using Web 2.0 Technology in Occupational Therapy Education and Practice (TD 325)
Karen Jacobs; Anita Hamilton


World Federation of Occupational Therapists, Santiago, Chile, May 3

Using online technologies in occupational therapy practice: A participatory workshop for therapists (Pre-congress workshop)

Anita Hamilton, Merrolee Penman, Angela Hook, Sarah Bodell, Susan Burwash, Claire Hayward, Rashid Kashani, Will Wade and Karen Jacobs


Prevention through occupation: Notebook Computer Use by Middle School Age Students (poster presentation)

Karen Jacobs, Jennifer Kaldenberg, Jackie Markowitz, Ellen Wuest, Miranda Hellman, Michael Arsenault, Bryce Walker, Victoria Hall, Li Deng

May 4

Celebrating 20 years of occupational therapy contributions from around the world in WORK: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation (poster presentation)

Karen Jacobs; Lynn Shaw; Birgit Prodinger


People to People: Israel, June 2010

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Nordic Ergonomics Society conference, Stavanger, Norway, September 5-7, 2010

Ergonomics in Schools
Keynote speaker


Ohio Occupational Therapy Association conference, October 15, 2010
First and Goal-Moving Toward the Centennial Vision

Keynote speaker


Maryland Occupational Therapy Association's 2010 conference, November 5, 2010, Timonium, MD.

Power Up for the New Decade
Keynote speaker


10th Annual Division of Occupational Therapy Research Symposium, November 13, 2010 

University of Utah, Department of Occupational Therapy
Ergonomics and Notebook Computing
Keynote speaker



New England College Health Association, 10/30/09

Enabling notebook ergonomics at home, at school and at work: Research informing practice. Burlington, Vermont

Bay Path College, 11/2/09

Research Informing Practice: Healthy Notebook Computing. Longmeadow, MA

Human Factors & Ergonomics Society annual conference, 10/22/09

DeVilbiss, C., Rice, V.,  Bazley, C.,  Jacobs, K., & Vause, N. Panel Discussion. A New Area of Practice or the Same Thing in a Different Place? Human Factors Applications in Academic Settings. San Antonio, Texas

China and Mongolia, 9/4/09-9/14/09

OT Delegation Leader for the People to People Ambassadors Program OT Delegation

Beijing, China, 8/9-8/14/09

Smith, T., Straker, L., Bridger, Fostervold, and Jacobs, K. 17th Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association, IEA 2009. Workshop: Ergonomics for school curricula

Beijing, China, 8/9-8/14/09

Legg, S and Jacobs, K. 17th Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association, IEA 2009. Invited Symposium*:* Future of Ergonomics in Education

London, Canada, 6/7/09-6/8/09

Shaw, L, Jacobs, K., et al. Workshop: Work Transitions in the 21st Century: Advancing Occupational Justice

Ottawa, Canada, 6/4/09-6/6/09

Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT). Participation in an Occupational Science session with Dr. Lynn Shaw

University of New Hampshire, 4/28/09 (8:10am)

University of New Hampshire, Department of Occupational Therapy. Presentation: Research in Ergonomics with School Aged and University Students.

Houston, Texas, 4/25/2009

American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference. Poster Presentation: University Students' Notebook Computer Use

Boston, MA, 4/17/09 (2-3:30)

Harvard School of Public Health. Presentation: University students’ notebook computer use.

Findlay, Ohio, 2/12-2/13/09

Jacobs, K. Invited to be the 2009 Distinguished Visitor at The University of Findlay, Department of Occupational Therapy.
How Full is Your Backpack? 2/12/09
Being an Occupation Fanatic 2/13/09


Prague, Czech Republic. 10/26/08

Jacobs, K. Vocational and Ergonomics Technologies. Invited 2-hour workshop. Czech Association of Occupational Therapists.

Prague, Czech Republic, 10/25/08

Jacobs, K. Programming and Evaluation in Work Rehabilitation. Invited 4-hour workshop. Czech Association of Occupational Therapists.

White Plains, NY, 10/24/08

Jacobs, K. Ergonomics and New Technology for Adaptive Equipment. Northeast LTD Rehabilitations Roundtable Converence.

New York City, 9/22/08

Jacobs, K. The University Notebook Computer Study: Phase 2. Invited presentation. The Office Ergonomics Research Committee (OERC).

New York City, 9/23/08

Jacobs, K. University Students' Notebook Computer Use. Poster Presentation. Human Factors and Ergonomics Society annual conference.

New York City, 9/24/08.

Hu, J., Jacobs K. Backpack usage and self-reported musculoskeletal discomfort in university students. EDTG Session. Human Factors and Ergonomics Society annual conference.

New York City, 9/25/08

Rice, V., Hendrick, H., Jacobs, K. Leuder, R., Pauls, J., Wogalter, M. Ergonomics for Children: The Way Forward. Panel Discussion. Human Factors and Ergonomics Society annual conference.

Boston, MA, 10/2/08

Jacobs, K. University Students and their Use of Notebook Computers. Invited presentation. Boston University Academy.

Quinnipiac College Hamden, CT, 10/3/08

Jacobs, K. How Full is Your Backpack? Invited keynote speaker.

George Sherman Union, Boston University, Boston MA - 9/11/08

University Students and their Use of Notebook Computers. Presentation for the Boston University Academy All School Meeting

Reykavik, Iceland - 8/11-13/08

Ergonomics is a lifestyle: Preparing the next generation of workers. Keynote Speaker. 40th Nordic Ergonomics Society Annual Conference.

Stony Brook, New York - 6/23-25/08

Emerging areas of practice in occupational therapy. Course. Stony Brook University. .

Houston, Texas - 4/29/08

Impact of notebook accessories use with university students. Invited speaker. Hewlett-Packard’s VIII Bi-Annual Office Ergonomics Council (OEC) meeting.

Boston, MA- 3/7/08

"Pedagogical Innovation via Instructional Technology"

Boston University Center for English Language and Orientation Programs for (CELOP).

Boston, MA- 2/20/08

“Sit Up Right! How ergonomic strategies can improve your computer workstation environment”

Boston University Sargent College Annual Fireside Chat.



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