Spring 2010 - HP650 Health Care Management

Health care is in constant change. This required graduate course introduces the fundamentals of management in the health and rehabilitation environment. Many health and rehabilitation professionals will assume the role of a manager or have supervisory responsibilities during the course of their career.  This course develops and enhances the student’s understanding of the health care system, the political and social forces affecting health care and the ability to function effectively. Emphasis is on reimbursement, leadership, teamwork, accounting, process analysis, project management, marketing, needs assessment, business plan development, and entrepreneurship. The student will actively engage in discussion and teamwork through written, oral, and web-site assignments.


Fall 2009 - OT513 Analysis and Adaptation of Occupation

 This course will introduce students to the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework (AOTA), a foundation document for the profession. Through lecture and participatory activities, students will be introduced to the concepts of the domain of occupational therapy as described in the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework. Students will learn general skills of activity analysis, adaptation, and application of occupation. Students will also complete several environmental assessments and learn to understand how environments impact on participation and ways to modify the environment. The history of occupational therapy and the roles of occupational therapy practitioners will be studied. The application sessions of this course are designed to introduce the student to various aspects of occupation as they relate to the generic practice of occupational therapy, e.g., activity analysis, application, and adaptation.  Acquisition of skills in performing and analyzing activities will be stressed.  Activities include crafts, toys, games, cardboard carpentry, environmental surveys, and occupational functioning.


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