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Ongoing Working papers
Cost and product advantages: Evidence from Chinese manufacturing firms, with Heng Yin. Appendix., May 2018.
Pricing under innovation, with Shuheng Lin. January 2018.
Endogenous productivity and unobserved prices, with C. Guillard and J. Olivari. January 2018.
Dangerous shorcuts: Ignoring marginal cost determinants in markup estimation, June 2018.
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Endogenous input quality variation as a help to estimate the production function, not a nuisance, June 2018.
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Identifying olygopoly pricing behaviour: Incumbents reaction to tariffs dismantling, with M.J. Moral.
Work in progress
Innovation and jobs in US manufacturing, with M. Palacios.
Growth accounting with non-scalar technological change, with U. Doraszelski.
Old Working papers
Innovation and jobs: evidence from manufacturing firms, with A. García and C.Rodríguez.