Working papers
Does innovation stimulate employment? A firm-level analysis using comparable micro data on four European countries, with R.Harrison, J.Mairesse and B.Peters, NBER WP 14216.
Innovation and welfare: Results from joint estimation of production and demand functions, with J. Mairesse, NBER WP 16221.
Identifying olygopoly pricing behaviour: Incumbents reaction to tariffs dismantling, with M.J. Moral.
Innovation and jobs: evidence from manufacturing firms, with A. García and C.Rodríguez.
Work in progress
Measuring the bias of technical change, with U. Doraszelski.
Cost and product advantages: A firm-level model for the Chinese exports and industry growth, with Heng Yin.
Assesing competition by means of pricing equations: Domestic behavior in US airlines, with Ying Li.
Selected publications
R&D and productivity: Estimating endogenous productivity, with U.Doraszelski, The Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming 2013. Code.
Automobile demand, model cycle and age effects, with M.Moral, Spanish Economic Review, 9, 193-218, 2007 (best SER article prize 2006-2007).
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