Dietze Lab

Dr. Michael Dietze - web


Dr. Istem Fer
Projects: Gap Macro NASA RTM
Dr. Colin Averill - web CV
Project: NOAA postdoc, NEFI

Project Manager

Tony Gardella
Project: PEcAn

Graduate Students

Betsy Cowdery
BU Geography PhD
Projects: PEcAn, Brown Dog
Alexey Shiklomanov
BU Geography PhD
Projects: Canopy Traits, NASA RTM
Tess McCabe
BU Geography PhD
Project: SERDP Ticks
Kathryn Wheeler
BU Geography PhD
Project: NEFI: phenology and fluxes
John Foster
BU Geography PhD
Project: NEFI: ticks, tick-borne disease, and small-mammal hosts

Lab Alumni

Josh Mantooth - web cv
BU Geography PhD 2017

Project: NSC
Dr. Christine Rollinson - web
Current: Forest Ecologist, Morton Arboretum
Dr. Ryan Kelly
Current: Environmental Consultant, Neptune Inc.
Dr. Afshin Pourmokhtarian
Current: Hutyra Lab, Boston University
Dr. Toni Viskari
Current: Brookhaven National Lab
Dr. Jaclyn Hatala Matthes
Current: Assistant Professor, Wellesley College
Xiaohui Feng
Former Graduate Student: Tall-grass prairie and biofuels dissertation
Current: Postdoc, Columbia University
Dr. Brady Hardiman
Former Post-Doc
Current: Assistant Professor, Purdue University
Jackie Getson
Former Lab Manager
Current: Research Technican, Hutyra Lab, Boston University
Dr. Dan Wang
Former Post-Doc: EBI
Current: Assistant Professor
International Center for Ecology, Meteorology, and Environment (IceMe), School of Applied Meteorology, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Nanjing, China
Carl Davidson
PEEC M.S. 2012

Research: Arctic tundra
Lauren Hostert
Former Lab Manager
Current: NEON Inc.
Dr. David LeBauer
Former Post-Doc: EBI, PEcAn
Current: Research Associate, EBI
Dr. Shawn Serbin
Former Post-Doc: PEcAn project
Current: Brookhaven National Lab
Dr. Bjorn Brooks
Former Post-Doc: PalEON project
Current: USFS