Aaron Stevens

Aaron's Mugshot Aaron is a Senior Lecturer at Boston Univeristy, with appointments in the Questrom School of Business and the Department of Computer Science. Aaron's teaching interests include courses in computer programming, computational finance, and derivatives and risk management.

Aaron is the holder of an undergraduate degree in business from Indiana University; a master's degree in computer science from Boston University; and a master's degree in finance from Boston College.

"You have to laugh at yourself, because you'd cry your eyes out if you didn't."
-Emily Saliers

Aaron's Running Story

Since 2013, Aaron has become a dedicated runner. Aaron ran his first marathon at Chicago in 2014, and has completed 26 marathons in 17 different states since then. Aaron is a Marathon Maniac and aspires to run marathons in all 50 states. Read Aaron's running story.

DFMC 2020

Aaron is running the 2020 Boston Marathon as part of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge.

I am a high-school drop-out when it comes to chemistry and biology. My thinking skills cannot directly help to treat or cure cancer. But maybe my running skills can. In 2016, I joined the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge team for the Boston Marathon. Over 4 seasons, you have helped me raise over $61,549 for cancer research at Dana-Farber.

Thank you for your support!

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