Aaron Stevens: Resume

22 Reynolds Ave, Natick MA 01760


Master of Science, Finance
Boston College
Carroll School of Management
Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 2004
  • Coursework focus on statistical methods and investments analysis.
  • Taught undergraduate Basic Finance while a masters student.
Master of Science, Computer Science
Boston University
Boston, Massachusetts 2002
  • Coursework focus on systems development and telecommunications.
Bachelor of Science, Business and Computer Information Systems
Indiana University
Kelley School of Business
Bloomington, Indiana 1998
  • Graduated with highest honors; Dean's list every semester.
  • Recipient of the Beta Gamma Sigma 1998 Senior Scholastic Award, awarded to the top 1 percent of the senior class.
  • Coursework in general business, computer information systems, and international field specialization.

Teaching Experience

Boston University Boston, Massachusetts 2004 - Present
Lecturer, Department of Computer Science
  • Full-time faculty, teaching undergraduate introductory courses for Computer Science majors and non-majors.
  • Develop curriculum, assignments, and labs exercises.
  • Coordinate and supervise a team of graduate student teaching fellows and undergraduate graders.
  • Mentoring and collaboration with other teaching faculty and graduate student teaching fellows.
Courses Taught
  • CS101: Introduction to Computers
    CS101 provides a general introduction to computers and computing for students who are not CS-majors or minors.

    CS101 explores computing and computer science through the main ideas of algorithmic thinking, encoding of information, protocols, and abstraction. CS101 surveys a selection of fundamental concepts in computer science, including the World-Wide Web, computer networks and the Internet; the digital represeting of numbers, text, images, audio and video; vector graphics animation; an overview of computer programming concepts; algorithms and cryptography.

    The applied component of the course introduces students to a practical set of tools including HTML/web-development, manipulating images and audio, and an introduction to object oriented programming concepts using the Alice 3D animation environment.

    I redeveloped CS101 beginning in 2007, and wrote the curriculum, lecture materials and examples, laboratory exercises, and homework assignments.

    Experience: 21 sections total, Summer Term 2007 through Spring 2013

  • CS108: Application Programming
    CS108 is an introductory programming course for non-majors, which leads students from their first program through development of database-driven web applications (e.g., Craigslist and Facebook) in a single semester.

    Beginning in Fall 2008, CS108 has covered the fundamentals of procedural and object oriented programming in Python, the Python Database API, and development of web-applications in a Linux-Apache-MySQL-Python model.

    I developed CS108 as a new course in 2004, and wrote the curriculum, lecture materials and examples, laboratory exercises, and homework assignments. Previously (2004-2007), the CS108 course covered Java, database integration with JDBC, and GUI development with Swing and Jigloo.

    Experience: 17 sections total, Fall 2004 through Spring 2013.

  • CS111: Computer Science I with Java
    CS111 is an introduction to computer science and object-oriented programming. CS111 is the first course in the Computer Science concentration and a required course for mathematics majors.

    I developed a new java curriculum for CS111 beginning in 2005, and have written the curriculum; lecture materials and examples; laboratory exercises; and homework assignments.

    In addition to covering the general ACM CS1 curriculum, I introduced a game-development component and a cumulative final project in which students develop a computer game which combines object-oriented programming, simple graphics and general game design patterns.

    Experience: 22 sections total, Summer Term 2005 through Summer Term 2013.

  • CS698: Teaching Fellow Seminar
    CS698 is a teaching methods seminar for first-year graduate students in computer science. The course focuses on active learning methods and developing lab activities for introductory computer science classes.

    I co-taught this course and developed about half of the activities and assignments.

    Experience: 2 sections total, Fall 20111 and Fall 2012.

Lecturer, Department of Economics (part-time appointment)
  • EC171: Personal Life-Cycle Economics

    EC171 is an introduction to applied economics, which applies the life-cycle model and consumption smoothing to personal economic decisions including spending, saving, borrowing, insuring; matriculation and investing in human capital; choosing careers, jobs, and locations; marrying, having children, divorcing; retiring, retirement accounts, taking Social Security; buying insurance; and investing in stocks and bonds.

    I developed this new course (with Larry Kotlikoff and Zvi Bodie) beginning in 2009. I custom-published a draft edition textbook (Personal Life-cycle Economics), which covers the life-cycle model and applications using Excel and ESPlanner.

    Beginning in the Spring 2013 semester, I have used a flipped-classroom approach to EC171. Students have assigned readings and take a reading quiz before coming to the classroom. During class meetings, we begin with a brief question and answer session and summarize the main ideas from the readings. The majority of class time is used for in-class assignments (using Excel or ESPlanner) to develop deeper understanding of the material by focusing on applications.

    Experience: 11 sections total, Summer Term 2010 through Summer Term 2013.

Departmental Service
  • Developed the Websubmit homework submission application, which is currently used by about 20 courses and 1500 students in the Computer Science department each year. Websubmit allows students to do web-based submission of homework assignments, graders to download and grade assignments, and instructors to gather grades in Excel format.
Other Activities
ViaSat, Inc. Carlsbad, CA 2011
Custom Training
  • Python Course: developed and delivered a custom 13-week training program for engineers at a satelite communications company.
Boston College Carroll School of Management Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts Spring 2004
Teaching Fellow, Department of Finanace
  • MF021: Basic Finance for undergraduate students.
    This course is a general introduction to finance required for all majors and minors in the school of management.
Bentley College Waltham, Massachusetts 2003 - 2004
Adjunct Instructor, Mathematics Department
  • GB204: Data Analysis, and GB205: Quantitative Analysis for Business.
    Together these two courses constitute a general introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics for undergraduate students.


Personal Life-Cycle Economics
textbook, CreateSpace Publishing, 2013.
Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail: Empirical Analysis of a Digital Commons
with N. Melville, O. Pavlov, and R. Plice. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Summer 2006.

Industry Experience

Boston College Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 2005 - Present
Consultant/Programmer, Information Security and Policy
  • Develop custom software tools to support the Boston College network security and policy group, including incident detection, tracking, reporting end-user email notification, and metrics.
  • Use contemporary programming tools including Linux, Python, SQL, Java, JDBC and Servlets/JSP to perform data processing on large and and dynamic data sets for pattern matching, text parsing, normalization and custom reporting.
  • Wrote custom interfaces to network monitoring tools including: McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, TippingPoint IPS, Snort IDS, IDFinder, DNS, Flows, and Boston College's DHCP/IP address tracking database.
  • Developed several custom web applications using the Linux-Apache-MySQL-Python (LAMP) model.
  • Administrate automated tools to perform network scanning for security vulnerabilities.
Boston College Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 2003 - 2004
Graduate Assistant, Information Security and Policy
Cisco Systems, Inc. Boxborough, Massachusetts 2000 - 2003
Senior Software Engineer, Voice Technology Group
  • Developed telecommunications software for Cisco’s call center customers. Regular responsibilities included all aspects of the systems development lifecycle: writing software functional specifications, designing software products and interfaces, substantial C++ and Java programming assignments, product testing, and third-level customer support.
  • Assisted with marketing several products, including presenting a technical seminar at Cisco’s Customer Contact Business Unit’s annual User Conference. The seminar was rated among the top five of the seminar. Additional marketing efforts included presentations for key customers at Cisco’s Executive Briefing Center.
  • Authored, co-authored, and edited several Cisco technical books: “CTI Product Description,” “CTIOS System Manager’s Guide,” and “CTIOS Developer’s Guide.”
Cisco Systems, Inc. Chicago, Illinois 1999 - 2000
(formerly GeoTel Communications Corporation)
Professional Services Engineer, Applications Technology Group
  • Created custom computer telephony integration (CTI) software engineering solutions for reference customers including Fidelity Investments, UPS, and Optus Telecom (Australia).
  • Served as adjunct faculty to Cisco's training organization, teaching an Introduction to CTI class and an Advanced CTI class for developers. Developed an e-learning CD-ROM version of the CTI training curriculum.
Andersen Consulting, LLP Chicago, Illinois 1998 - 1999
(now Accenture)
Software Analyst, Network Solutions Group
  • Developed call center and call routing solutions for American Express' credit card customer support operations.
  • Learned all aspects of the systems development lifecycle, as well as client consulting and presentation skills.
Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana 1997 - 1998
Computer Assistant, Halls of Residence Computing
M+H Consulting, LLC Bloomington, Indiana 1997 - 1998
Intern in Network Design & Implementation
Indiana Daily Student Bloomington, Indiana 1997 - 1998
Opinion Editor, Editorial Board Writer

Textbooks Reviewed

Perkovic, Ljubomir: CS1 with Python.
Reviewed draft proposal and sample chapters for Wiley Publishing, 2009.

Anderson, Ferror, Hilton, and Hilton: Connecting with Computer Science.
Reviewed first edition for second edition planning purposes, Course Technology, 2008.

Anderson, Julie, and Herve Franceschi: Java 5 Illuminated.
Reviewed first edition for second edition planning purposes, Jones and Bartlett, 2006.

Carrano, Frank: Introduction to Computer Science using Java.
Reviewed manuscript, text forthcoming from Pentice-Hall, 2006.

Bronson, Gary: Enhanced Object-Oriented Program Development Using Java.
Class-tested 2nd edition in Spring 2005 semester for Thomson Course Technology, 2005.

Technical Skills

Computer Programming
  • Python, PythonCard GUI, Database API, Python/JVM integration, web applications development, networking, data processing (expert: 4 years)
  • Java, JDBC, JavaBeans, JSP, Servlets, EJB, Swing (expert: 8 years)
  • SQL, database design; MySQL, Oracle, SQLite3, Microsoft Jet (10 years: advanced intermediate)
  • C++, Standard Template Library, (expert - out of practice: 5 years)
  • TCP/IP: protocol stack, architecture, routing: (intermediate: 5 years)
  • UNIX (Linux/Solaris/Posix) API programming: (advanced intermediate: 6 years)
  • HTML, web development: (intermediate: 10 years)
  • PHP, JavaScript, Ajax (some familiarity)
Quantitative Analysis
  • Econometrics, statistics, multivariate regression
  • Tools: SPSS, Stata, HLM, Amos, Excel
Financial Analysis
  • Discounted cash flows, investment analysis, capital budgeting, pricing models
  • Monte-Carlo simulation, derivatives analysis and pricing
  • Financial planning, debt structuring, cash management
  • Consumption smoothing using ESPlanner

Activities and Interests

Professional Affiliation
Academic Affiliate of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, the organization of strictly fee-only financial advisors.

Service Work
Habitat for Humanity / Habitat Boston.
As a regular volunteer, I have built houses in Dorchester (2005-2007), Belmont (2006-2007), West Newton (2008), and Sudbury (2008-2009), Massachusetts; and Mechanicsville, Virginia (2006).
Often serve as a volunteer supervisor leading small groups.
Member of the Construction Committee for a Habitat for Humanity house built in Sudbury, MA, 2008-2009.

Elected Member of the Natick Town Meeting, 2010-2013.

I have played guitar for 20 years, with experience performing solo, with bands, and song leading with large groups (200+). Interests include folk/rock music.

Coaching house league hockey with the Natick Commets.
Building and renovating houses

International travel
Recent trips have included Mexico (Jalisco and Colima), Canada (Nova Scotia and British Columbia), Ireland, England, France, Belgium, and Australia (Victoria and New South Wales).

Reading Interests
Social/economic policy, finance, mathematics, physics, history, biblical archaeology; The New York Times, Scientific American.

Student pilot
I have experience flying solo cross-country with Cessna fixed-wing aircraft (C150, C152, C172), reading aeronautic maps, and radio communications; I am no longer current with respect to medical certificate and solo.


Spoken and written fluency: English and French.
Oral and written comprehension: Hebrew, Spanish.

Work Status
U.S. Citizen. Authorized to work in the United States for any employer.

Married to Jennifer Stevens (2001); children Caleb (2006), Elisheva (2008), Jacob (2012).

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