Boston Collaborative Encyclopedia of Western Theology

About the Encyclopedia

The Boston Collaborative Encyclopedia of Western Theology contains articles written mainly by students of Boston University Modern Western Theology seminars. Please do not reproduce any of the dictionary articles without properly acknowledging the source, which means citing both the website ( and the original author(s) and editor(s), listed at the end of each article. The editor's site (Wesley Wildman's WeirdWildWeb) includes many other resources for the study of theology and religion. The emphasis of the Encyclopedia is on Modern Western Theology, especially Christianity; other articles are few at this stage but hopefully the range of figures covered with expand with time.

There may be more than one article for each theme or figure. The collaborative nature of this project means that coverage is uneven so articles often include a space for information that has not yet been written. Derek Michaud has been chiefly responsible for consolidating the several articles on a given figure into a more authoritative and comprehensive article. The single, combined articles are located at a different URL from the multiple, uncombined articles, but both can be reached from here. As the conversion to single articles continues, this site will take over and the other will be removed.


The information on this page is copyright 1994 onwards, Wesley Wildman (basic information here), unless otherwise noted. If you want to use ideas that you find here, please be careful to acknowledge this site as your source, and remember also to credit the original author of what you use, where that is applicable. If you want to use text or stories from these pages, please contact me at the feedback address for permission.