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Class Projects

The "Theological Thinking for Everyday Life and Ministry" class will produce a number of projects, some of which were especially designed for dissemination on the web. The following links will take you to those projects.

Projects for Spring, 2009:

In Face of Grief (Deb Chi)

The Man with the Golden Arm (Cris Crawford)

Projects for Spring, 2008:

The Importance of Open Space to One's Spiritual Wellbeing and Person Relationship to God (Georgia Gojmerac-Leiner)

Theo-yoga: A Theological Look at an Individual's Yoga Practice (Megan Chipman)

Fly-fishing and Theology (Natalie Austrian)

Moving Beyond Mitford (Lisa Jo Bezner)

Projects for Spring, 2007:

The Mission (Wesley Alves)

The Millennial Generation: A Faithful New Community (John Brink)

African-American Women and Hair (Jennifer Douglas)

Truth in Art (Jongwook Hong)

Military Sexual Slave Women during World War II (Jaemin Lee)

The Walmart Effect (Jim Pittman)

Why We Must Be Nonviolent in a Violent World: A Theology of the Olive Branch (Carol Raymond)

Projects for Fall, 2003:

A Theological Approach to Clergy Depression and Healing (Annie Britton, Rebecca Clark, Anastasia Kidd)

The Terri Schindler-Schiavo Case (Latrelle Easterling)

The Ordination of Women: An Issue among ‘Spirit-filled’ Churches from the African Diaspora (Antipas L. Harris)

Ishmael, the Sacrifice of Abraham (Elizabeth Kubota)

Theological Issues of Cadaver Organ Donation (Rob Lewis)

World Hunger (Denny Macko)

Theological Thinking about Transformation (Pat McLeod)

Theodicy--through the Case of “Unit 731” (Eun Park)

Disordered Abundance: American Protestantism and Food (Holly Reed)

Projects for Summer, 2000:

Caring for Individuals as a Group: A theological analysis of care of the elderly in nursing homes (Vicki Oman)

A Theological Response to Natural Suffering: A Case Study of the 1999 Earthquake in Taiwan (Pan Ju-ta)

Slaughter, Suffering, and Shame: An American Christian Reflection on Factory Farming (Suzanne Woolston)

Projects for Summer, 1999:

Bridging the gap between faith and culture (Paul Cannon, Dave Lafurge, Rolanda Ward, Lisa Zambarano)

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