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Theological Analysis Projects

Theology I students have produced a number of theological analysis projects especially designed for dissemination on the web. Some of those projects are below.

Projects from the Spring 2004 Class

Projects from the Fall 2001 Class

Projects from the Spring, 2004 Class

(Thanks to Rob Smid for helping to prepare many of these projects for the web.)

Physical Therapy Practice: Sanitized for Your Protection? (Lisa Azzam)

Christian Service: A Theological Analysis of Serving as a Military Chaplain (Jonathan Bailey)

Theological Analysis of Hoju-Je (Sunmin Cho, Jongwook Hong, Rebecca Thompson)

A Theology of Deer Hunting (Jim Conley)

Transsexual(s and) Becoming (Carrie Delmore)

Street Children of Bolivia (John Eggen)

The Furor over Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ (Susan Feurzeig)

Martian Theology: God's Place in Extraterrestrial Life (Jan Flaska)

God Speed - NASCAR (Michael Fotta)

Can Christian Love Overcome Prejudice in the ESL Workplace? (Denis Jenssen)

Phenomenon (Joel Kershaw)

Living on the Edge, Finding where You Belong: A Theological Analysis of The Caveman's Valentine (Jabulani McCalister)

Black Generational Poverty: Reconnecting the Black Church and Black Community to Create Behavioral Transformations (Nikita McCalister and Darryl Elow)

Mercy or Murder: The Debate over Physician Assisted Suicide (Glenn Mortimer and Jan Parke)

Conflict between Clergy and Laity in the Church (John J. Park)

The Creativity and Redemption of Feminism: A Theological Analysis of Beauty and the Beast (Seok-Cheol Shin)

Living Hope (Marie Tulin)

The Welcoming Congregation Program as a Successful Model for Engaging Unitarian Universalists on Behalf of Social Justice (Michelle A. Walsh)

The Dual Missionary: Revisiting The Depth and Intent of Joseph Tuckerman’s Theological Vision and Work (Michelle A. Walsh)

Jessica: A Theological Analysis of Racism (Kathy Waters)

APOCALYPSE and Our Role in God’s Plan (Hansen Wendlandt)

Unfaithful: A Theological Analysis (Derrick Williams)

The Mission: A Theological Analysis (Alice Wolfe and Virginia Coakley)

Spirituals as God's Revelation to the African Slave in America (Onaje Woodbine, Pauline Jennett, and Darryl Clay)

Projects from the Fall, 2001 Class

Armageddon (Barnes, Godrich)

Corrymeela, A Community of Forgiveness (Beary)

Forgotten Holocaust: Nanking Massacre (Chen)

40 Acres and a Mule: The Reparations for Slavery Debate {Coop, Henk, Phillips)

The President's Statement Permitting Federal Funding for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research: A Theological Analysis (Doris-Pierce)

Widening the Circle of Compassion: Including Emily in Our Theological Vision (Earl, Maloney, Roman)

God's Rules for Dating (Hires)

Television Crime Series (Hudson)

How to Prevent Teenagers' Pregnancy (Inoue)

WTO Protest: Is Violence Justified? (Jones)

Suffering and Gorecki’s Third Symphony (Kazinski)

A Time to Kill (Kim, Park)

Our Human Will--or What Dreams May Come (Knapp, Knowlton, Macedo, Ormay)

What is Spiritual Healing? (Linnendoll)

Can I Live? Young Black Men and the Quest for Meaningful Life: A Theological Analysis of Juvenile Delinquency (Maynard)

Harry Potter (Mitchell, Ward)

A Theology of Fly Fishing (Olmstead)

Searching for God in Twelve Monkeys (Pullybank)

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