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"The city that is built for speed is built for success"

Le Corbusier



Design Solutions for Health

There is a long history of using architecture, design and planning to protect and improve health. Many aspects of the contemporary built environment, including zoning, building codes and the layout of metropolitan areas reflect past efforts to improve sanitation, fightt infectious diseases and prevent fires. As health concerns shift towards preventing chronic diseases, new ideas about the most healthful design for buildings, neighborhoods and metropolitan areas are being developed.



Urban Environmental Health

Most people in the United States, and an increasingly large percentage of all people on the planet, live in cities. Not only are urban areas experiencing new problems, they are subject to a multitude of environmental problems that are a legacy of past decision making.


Russ Lopez, Assistant Professor

BU School of Public Health

715 Albany Steet, Talbot 2E
Boston, MA 02118

(617) 414-1439

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