Interview and review: Live at Studio 64, Kimberley (2017)


with Lou Pride, live in Boston (October 2007)

  • Listen to "Words of Caution" (with Victor Coelho & David Morton, guitars, Tom Knowles, bass, Paul Woodrow, keyboard, Larry Finn, drums, Andrew Slotnick, sax, and David Hebert, trumpet)

Video: Lou Pride and The Rooster Blues Band (Calgary, 2007)

from Bluestoons (UCM 0104)

Video: The Rooster Blues Band Live on the A-Channel (Calgary)

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  • Shot live on the popular "Wired" show hosted by Jill Belland in March 2004: Victor Coelho (guitar), David Morton (vocals, guitar), Tom Knowles (bass), Paul Woodrow (keyboard), Kenton McDonald (drums)

Victor Coelho: Calgary, 2013