• Reviews of Bellerofonte Castladi, Battaglia d'Amore (Toccata Classics)
  • La Notte d'amore: Music for the 1608 Medici Wedding (Stradivarius): “This is an extremely interesting project from a musicological perspective, as well from the point of view of Baroque theatre…. The musical reconstruction on this CD is due in large part to the efforts of lutenist and musicologist Victor Coelho, who researched all the extant sources and identified Lorenzo Allegri as the author of most of them. Coelho and Alan Curtis have put together a charming and credible performance in which joyful dances alternate with 17th-century style polyphonic choruses and monody accompanied in the new style associated with Caccini. [It is] an interesting and attractive enterprise.”

    Dinko Fabris (rating ****) Goldberg Magazine

  • Kapsberger, Libro secondo d'arie 1623, Il Furioso, dir. V. Coelho: "Victor Coelho’s baroque ensemble lives up to its name [Il Furioso] in this sparky world premiere recording of Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger’s thrilling Second Book of Arias. ll Furioso’s rock’n’roll approach, energised by Gian Paolo Fagotto’s ballsy singing and superb recorded sound, lifts these 17th-century songs of joy and sorrow from the page with irresistible force." Andrew Stewart, Music Week (2007)
  • Kapsberger, Libro secondo d'arie 1623, Il Furioso, dir. V. Coelho: "Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger is today best known for his extraordinary compositions for solo lute and theorbo. The usually adventurous harmonic language, coupled with rhythmic inventions of a most creative sort, constitutes the basis of some of the most unique music of the period. However, Kapsberger’s musical output included much more than writing for the lute family of instruments - madrigals, solo arias, motets, strophic villanelles, instrumental dances, sinfonie, Masses, and stage works also feature in the composer’s rich musical output. Il Furioso, under the leadership of Victor Coelho, presents us with nearly all of Kapsberger’s Libro Secondo (1626), a publication of arias set to spiritual texts, and several theorbo solos found in various contemporary collections. The CD features some first-class singing, especially from the group’s tenor, Gian Paolo Fagotto.…. The solo theorbo pieces demonstrate considerable musical maturity and skills on the instrument by both Victor Coelho and David Dolata; Kapsberger’s Corrente and an anonymous Toccata are particularly charming. Overall, this polished and pleasurable recording is a welcome reminder of the musical versatility of one of the 17th century’s most original composers." Zak Ozmo, Goldberg Magazine (2007)
  • Kapsberger, Libro secondo d'arie 1623, Il Furioso, dir. V. Coelho: "This is as good a recording of early music as I have ever heard." Gary Higginson, MusicWeb International (read complete review)