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Professor Basu is the director of two research labs and one undergraduate lab, that are described below.

Guosheng Ye and Professor Basu using the cyclic oxidation apparatus.

High Temperature Oxidation Laboratory
The thrust of research in this laboratory is to investigate the high temperature oxidation behavior of materials by exposing metal and ceramic samples to corrosive atmospheres containing oxygen and sulfur at elevated temperatures up to 1,600 C. The laboratory is equipped with a CAHN thermogravimetric balance and a Mettler microbalance for weight gain measurements, as well as an apparatus for oxidation in O-18 atmospheres, in order to determine oxidation mechanisms.



Professor Basu with Haiming Wu and another graduate student use the ion mill to make an electron-transparent TEM sample.

Microscopy Laboratory
This laboratory is dedicated to the preparation of electron transparent specimens for observation in the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). Specimens have to be reduced to thickness in the order of 100Å in order to study atomic arrangements by high resolution TEM. Equipment available for this purpose includes a GATAN dimpler and ion-mill, as well as precision grinding and polishing apparatus. The laboratory is also equipped with a darkroom, capable of processing TEM negatives and prints.


Undergraduate student Ben Koplin uses the INSTRON machine.

Undergraduate Materials Laboratory
This lab is dedicated primarily to introducing undergraduate students to metallographic and testing techniques. This lab is equipped with metallographic and materials testing equipment, including an INSTRON machine, rockwell hardness testers, annealing furnaces, microscopes, casting equipment and welding stations.



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