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Here Metro is relaxing on his new perch; he is circled in red. You can see the Danish butter cookies we hung for him, as well his CD/mirror entertainment center to the right of the little guy in the photo.

We updated the label on the box to make sure no one reached in there looking for a newspaper, only to get a big ole finger-chomping hello from Mr. Melopsittacus undulatus.

If you click on Metro, you can see a closer shot.


Here's a nice profile of Metro.

Google, that smart guy, told us that budgerigars are native to Australia.

The yellow form is called "lutino." Not Latino; he is not of Latin American descent. Nor Ladino; he does not come from a Jewish family whose ancestors lived in Spain.

He may, however, be a she. If you would like to conduct a cloacal exam to sex our new friend, please let me know.




We engineered as best we could, but being poets mostly and not engineers definitely, we met with varying success.

Do you have any suggestions as to how we could better pimp out his pad?


Who's a pretty bird?




In case you were wondering what Metro would look like if he were green, here is a photo we altered. Actually it is a photo of an alternate universe. To be redundant, I made sure to include his green reflection.


In the background here you can see the elaborate food dish and water cup system juryrigged from purloined office supplies. The sisal twine was a big hit.

Note: It was not the photographer's intention to flash directly into Metro's eye. Rather, the cheeky twit turned just as the photo was taken.


If you don't see the pose you were looking for, please send me a request and I wait to take a picture when Metro chooses to adopt that position. I will not, let me be clear, I will not impose artificial or uncomfortable postures on Metro. Jean Jacques Audubon was not a role model in that regard, some say.

Update! Metro has been recovered! Check out the aftermath here.

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