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If you were the previous owner of Metro, and believe you can prove it, please drop me a line . . . I'd love to talk. Right now, joint ownership has been agreed upon among the four original members of the rescue operation which helped this brave budgie get off the streets. His comfort is our priority.

Metro is available for modeling (print, web, and broadcast advertising) as well as promotional appearances. Contact his agent if you'd like to set something up. Keep in mind, however, that Metro does not work with pigeons, cats, or divas.

I'd love to get some more information about Metro's species. If you are knowledgeable about budgerigars, please get in touch!

If you think this sort of an adventure is entertaining, read about the goings-on of Rob Cockersham at Despite the allusive name, the site is clean enough for the kids, and comedic enough for the whole family.

Finally, a request for your help. Budgies like Metro need to eat select species of seeds to stay healthy, and are surely better off kept in cages rather than stolen newspaper boxes. If you would like to sponsor a better life for Metro by donating funds to cover the cost of his care, your name will be listed on a special webpage at this site. Generosity likes yours needs to be recognized.

Update! Metro has been recovered! Check out the aftermath here.


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