Past courses taught during 2000-2010:   Dr. Victor Shtern
MET CS201 Introduction to Computer Science with C++
MET CS231 Introduction to Computer Science for Programmers with C++
MET CS232 Introduction to Computer Science with Java
MET CS331 Intermediate Computer Science with C++
MET CS341 Data Structures in C++
MET CS342 Data Structures in Java
MET CS365 Programming in C++
MET CS565 Advanced Java Programming
MET CS575 Introduction to Operating Systems
MET CS665 Design Patterns and Component Software
MET CS673 Software Engineering
MET CS682 Information Systems Analysis and Design
MET CS770 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

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Shtern's book, Core C++

"Superb, more than mere C++!" (Amazon's customer)


Victor Shtern is an Associate Professor at the Computer Science department at Boston University's Metropolitan College, which is considered one of the top U.S. Schools for working professionals.

Dr. Shtern develops and teaches graduate and undergraduate courses (see the list on the left panel of this page) on C++ and Java Programming and on object-oriented technology for working adults.

In addition to credit courses, he teaches professional training seminars on C/C++ Programming, Java Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Web Development, XML.

Dr. Shtern conducts research and publishes on object-oriented methods of software construction, software testing, computer simulation. His book has been published by Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference (PTR) in the prestigious (and successful) Core book series. The book title is Core C++: A Software Engineering Approach, 1237 pages, ISBN 0-13-085729-7, 2000, Prentice Hall PTR. The book has been translated into the Russian, Chinese and Polish languages.

Dr. Shtern came to this country from the USSR in 1976.  He has many years of experience developing process control systems, operating systems, simulation systems, database systems. He designed and taught computer-aided and distance education courses for Digital Equipment Corporation, Boston University, National Technological University and a number of high technology companies (see his current resume).

808 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 250
MET Computer Science
Boston University
Boston, MA 02215
Tel: 617-358-0003

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