Timothy Gardner was trained in physics and biology and studies neuroscience at Boston University.

He explores the interface of science and art through oil painting, generative visual art, and algorithmic music.

His involvement with algorithmic art began in 1986

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with fractals

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cellular automata

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and observations of natural geometry
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This led to formal study of the physics of nonlinear systems.

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Research in a number of algorithmically beautiful subjects followed.

ferrofluids (with
Ray Goldstein and Shyamsunder Erramili.)

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slime mold (with Bob Austin and Ray Goldstein.)

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physical biology (with
Albert Libchaber)

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The structure of sound (with Marcelo Magnasco)

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canary song (with Fernando Nottebohm)

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and neural circuits (with Michale Fee).

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The generative art highlighted here is based on algorithms in development from
from 2001 to 2013.

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