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Curriculum Vitae


Russell Paul Lopez

Boston University School of Public Health
Department of Environmental Health
Albany Street, Talbott 2E
Boston, MA  02118

(617) 414-1439
Fax (617) 638-4857



Stanford University.  Bachelor of Science Applied Earth Sciences – Land Resources Planning 1979

Harvard University – Kennedy School of Government.  Master of City and Regional Planning.  Concentration in Housing and Community Development 1981

Boston University School of Public Health.  Doctor of Science in Environmental Health.  2003.  Dissertation:  Racial Segregation, Poverty Differentials and Income Inequality: Impacts on Health and Environmental Exposure Disparities 



The built environment and health:  a curriculum for urban communities, NIEHS

Thirty years of sprawl in metropolitan America.  Fannie Mae Foundation

Racial disparities in exposure to air toxics.  NIH

Geographic Information Systems and community-based health initiatives.  Boston University Office of Information Technology

Boston Schoolyard Initiative Case Study. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Active Living Research

Impact of Physical/Socioeconomic Environment on Diet and Exercise Interventions – NIH Multiple Institutes

Racial Segregation and Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke - EPA



2001 – Present. Boston University School of Public Health.  Urban Environmental Health.  . 

2003 – Present.  Brown University – Watson Institute Scholars on the Environment.  International Health Colloquium.

2004 Tufts University Urban Environment Program.  Sustainability and Development

2004 – Present.  Boston University School of Public Health.  Needs Assessment.

2005 Boston University School of Public Health.  Geographic Information Systems and Public Health.

2006 Boston University School of Public Health.  The Built Environment:  Design Solutions for Health



Harvard University. University of Massachusetts – Boston.  Northeastern University. Tufts University. Clark University. Brown University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 



Lopez.  Segregation and Black/White Differences in Exposure to Air Toxics in 1990.  Environmental Health Perspectives Supplements 2002. 110 (Supplement – 2):289-295.

Lopez and Hynes.  Sprawl in the 1990s:  Measurement, Distribution and Trends.  Urban Affairs Review.  2003. 38(3): 325-355

Lopez. Density and Health: Is Less More? In Rediscovering the American Dream: Essays on Density. Boston Society of Architects. Boston, MA 2003

Lopez.  Urban Sprawl and Risk of Being Overweight or Obese.  American Public Health Association Journal.  2004.  94(9): 1574-1579

Lopez .  Income Inequality and Self-Rated Health in U.S. Metropolitan Areas: A Multilevel Analysis.  Social Science and Medicine.  2004. 59(12):2409-2419.

Lopez.  Racial Segregation and Physical Inactivity.  Ethnicity and Disease. 2006.  16(2):495-502

Morello-Frosch  and Lopez. The Riskscape and the Color Line: Examining the Role of Segregation in Environmental Health Disparities. Environmental Research.  July 2006 102:181-196

Lopez and Hynes.  Obesity, Physical Activity, and the Urban Environment:  Public Health Research Needs.  Environmental Health:  A Global Access Science Source.  September 2006. 5:25



Cumulative Risk and a Call for Action in Environmental Justice Communities

Neighborhoods and Health: Findings from a Zip Code Level Analysis

The Boston Schoolyard Initiative:  A Case Study

Revitalized Schoolyards and Test Scores:  An Ecologic Analysis

Air Toxics and Racial Disparities in Health

The Neighborhood Built Environment

Building Better Health:  A History



Urban Sprawl:  Environmental and Health Implications
First International Conference on Inner City Health.  Toronto.  November 2002

Urban Sprawl and Obesity.
Urban Affairs Association.  Cleveland.  March 2003

Poor Health by Design
New England Science Symposium.  Boston. March 2003

One Pathway to Ill Health: Urban Sprawl and the Risk of Being Physically Inactive
North American Association for the Study of Obesity.  Ft. Lauderdale.  October 2003

Urban Sprawl and Obesity Risk
American Public Health Association, San Francisco.  November 2003

The Geography of Inequality
Urban Affairs Association, Washington  DC.  April 2004

The Metropolitan Environment and Health
International Society for Urban Health, Boston.  October 2004

Asians, Racial Segregation and Exposure to Air Toxics
Not All Cities Are Created Equal
American Public Health Association, Washington DC. November 2004

Pathways to Health: The Role of Transportation and Transportation Infrastructure in the Development of Obesity
Transportation Research Board, Washington DC January 2005

Thirty Years of Sprawl in Metropolitan America
Urban Affairs Association, Salt Lake City. April 2005

Racial Segregation and the Environment
EPA Symposium on Environmental Health Disparities , Ann Arbor.  May 2005

Planning for At-Risk Communities
National Rails to Trails Association, Minneapolis. July 2005

Building Healthier Communities:  The Health Effects of the Built Environment
Moving Together Conference, Boston.  September 2005

Gentrification and Health
International Society for Urban Health, Toronto. October 2005

Neighborhood Risk Factors for Obesity
American Public Health Association, Philadelphia.  December 2005

The Boston Schoolyard Analysis:  Revitalizing Urban Playspaces
International Society of Urban Health, Amsterdam.  October 2006

Teaching the Built Environment
American Public Health Association, Boston. November 2006


1980 – 1981 Junior Planner, Hispanic Office of Planning and Evaluation, Boston MA
1981 – 1983 Senior Planner, Hispanic Office of Planning and Evaluation, Boston MA
1983 – 1985 Assistant, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Office of the Lieutenant Governor,
Boston, MA
1985 – 1987 Neighborhood Planner, Neighborhood Development and Employment Agency,
Boston MA
1987 – 1988 Development Assistant, Boston Housing Authority, Boston MA
1988 – 1989 Development Director, Boston Housing Authority, Boston MA
1989 – 1990 Development Manager, Boston Housing Authority, Boston MA
1991 – 1993 Energy Specialist, City of Boston – Office of Neighborhood Services, Boston MA
1993 – 1998 Executive Director, Environmental Diversity Forum, Boston MA
1997 – 1999 Teaching Assistant BU School of Public Health, Boston MA
1998 – Present Consultant, Boston MA
2004    Adjunct Assistant Professor, Brown University
2004 – 2006  Research Assistant Professor, Boston University
2006 – Present Assistant Professor, Boston University



National Merit Scholar 1975
EPA – New England.  Environmental Merit Award 1997
National Research Service Award – NIH Minority Doctoral Fellowship 2001-2003
Boston University School of Public Health – Excellence in Teaching 2002, 2004, 2006
Delta Omega Award for Innovative Public Health Curriculum 2003



American Public Health Association. (Assistant Program Planner – Environment Section 2002)
Congress for the New Urbanism
Society for the Study of Social Problems
North American Association for the Study of Obesity
International Society for Urban Health
Urban Affairs Association


COMMUNITY SERVICE (Past and Current)

Alianza Hispana
Boston Urban Gardeners
Save the Harbor/Save the Bay
Hispanic Office of Planning and Evaluation
Alternatives for Community and Environment
Boston Society of Architects – Civic Initiative

International Joint Commission – Health Professionals Task Force