Glenn Jones
Against Which the Sea Continually Beats
Strange Attractors Audio House CD Only (SAAH046)
Release Date: March 13, 2007

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Track Listing: Island 1 - David and the Phoenix - Little Dog's Day - Cady - Richard Nixon Orchid - Freedom Raga - Against My Ruin - The Teething Necklace (For John Fahey) - Heartbreak Hill - Bill Muller on the Erie Lackawanna - Island

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Reviews of Against Which the Sea Continually Beats:

“. . . both daring and accessible . . . [Jones] chimes and glides through ‘Heartbreak Hill’ and leavens the dark droning undercurrent of ‘Bill Muller on the Erie Lackawanna’ with a blithe melody. ‘The Teething Necklace’ is a sonic elegy for his late hero John Fahey that’s full of breathy silences and folk-song-like lyricism. Then there’s the vaguely Eastern, or perhaps Hawaiian, slide inflections of ‘Island,’ which in less than two minutes evoke the sad, stately beauty of some fallen empire . . . Jones is a talent who deserves a larger audience. . . .” —Ted Drozdowski, Boston Phoenix

“. . . blending Old World into New, tangentially butting extra-sensory skill against diligent purism. He dedicates himself to mastery on a downright thrilling listen that threatens to elevate his chosen idiom to renewed prominence.” —Kevin Keegan, Illinois Entertainer

“. . . one of the greatest modern acoustic guitar players of our time. . . . Those who have followed my recommendation for Imaginational Anthem will find a lot to love with a full album of Glenn Jones' material.” Jon Whitney, Brainwashed

“. . . controlled and inspired . . . with a unique style which is always somehow descriptive. . . . Recommended.” —Psychedelic Folk

“Meticulously crafted and thoroughly engaging. . . .” —Babysue