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Scholarly Articles

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Op-Eds Editorials

2009. Remembering Senator Kennedy. The Daily Star-Bangladesh. August 29th.

2008. Remembering my Father, Three Years Later. The Daily Star-Bangladesh. January 27th.

2006. Backstage. Contexts, Spring:78-79

2007. Justice Fatigue. The Progressive Bangladesh 29 May.

2006. "Ek bochor pore, amra kothay?" (One year later, where are we?) In Mridubhashan, January 27th

2005. Murder and Democracy in Bangladesh. Boston Globe, March 7th. Also appeared as "A Reign of Terror Spreads in Bangladesh" International Herald Tribune, March 9th. Translated into Bangla and appeared in Janakantha and Mridubhashan, March 15th

2005. Bangladesh's Lurking Terror Los Angeles Times, April 5th.