Hsueh-Ling Huynh
Master Lecturer in Economics
Director of Master's Program in Economics

Ph.D.(Mathematics), University of California at Berkeley

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Director of Master's Programs in Economics

Office Hours for Master's and Undergraduate Advisees: Wednesday 6-7:30pm and Thursday 2:30-4pm during Spring 2020.
Office Address: Rm.309 Department of Economics, Boston University
                         270 Bay State Road, Boston MA02215
                         Tel: 1-617-353-6823

*For adminstrative questions, please first consult:
  [Master's Students] Ms. Karen Rodi,                         
                                Rm.433 Department of Economics, 270 Bay State Road            
                                Tel: 1-617-353-4453
  [Undergraduates]   Mr. Daryl Graves,                            
                                Rm.445 Department of Economics, 270 Bay State Road
                                Tel: 1-617-353-4542



@Spring 2020:  Students enrolled in EC403(A1) Game Theory (Undergraduate Elective) or EC513(A1) Game Theory (Master's Elective) should log onto the course website at https://learn.bu.edu  to check announcements, obtain class material and verify your personal grading records. The teaching assistant's office hours and contact information can also be found there. 

Course Syllabus

@Spring 2020:

*Tutoring in some undergraduate courese is available at the Education Resource Center. Go to www.bu.edu/erc for more information.
  Some doctoral students in economics also offer tutoring services. Please contact them directly for terms and availability.


Fields: Mathematical Economics, Microeconomics, Game Theory, Decision Theory, Social Choice Theory

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