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The following are the offices that deal with housing owned by BU.

Office of On-Campus Housing

The BU On-Campus Housing Office has little or no graduate student housing available. What is available goes wholly to students in the School of Theology. New students in the Theology School should ask their department about this option. Other graduate students must seek other options.

Office of Rental Properties

Boston University has an Office of Rental Properties (ORP), which is separate from the Office of On-Campus Housing. This office operates as a university-owned realty company.

There are two main difference between the ORP and a private realtor. First, the ORP does not advertise outside of the university. As a result, primarily university students live in these BU units, although non-students are allowed to rent from them. Second, the ORP does not charge a finders fee like many private realtors. As a result, the ORP does not provide additional discounts for students; they view the lack of a finders fee as "the discount".

They have 807 units. Most are rooms ($350-600 a month), studios ($700-900), and 1-bedroom apartments ($800-1600). There are some 2-bedroom apartments ($1300-2000) and very few 3-bedroom apartments ($1500-2500). They ask for two months rent up front, and leases are for a year. They will help you find a new tenant if you have to leave early. Leases start at various times, though most start on Sept. 1. There is no roommate finding service. Apartments are primarily located on Bay State Road and in South Campus, with some in other locations. The biggest problem with getting an apartment through the ORP is that there are so few places available, which are in high demand, making them extremely hard to get.

ORP does not give lists of available apartments over the phone. Also, they do not rent apartments over the phone. However, if you (or someone you send) goes to look at places in person, then afterwards, some of the business required to acquire the apartment may be done over the phone. This is highly inconvenient for new students who live far away and who know no one in the Boston Area.

Every year about 400 of the apartments become available, primarily in the summer (May to mid-August). They recommend coming two months prior to when you need to move in to start looking.

The best thing to know about looking for something through the ORP is that you can't count on there being something available. Their listings change from day to day, so if you want something through them, take it quickly if it is available. Whatever you do, do not rely on them for a place to live!

Contact info:
Office of Rental Properties
19 Deerfield St. 1st Floor.
Boston, MA 02215