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These pages are provided by the Graduate Student Organization (GSO). The information provided here is meant to help new and returning graduate students find accommodations in Boston.

Housing Information

CHECK OUT the 2001 Housing Report we wrote to the GRS administration.

If you need to find an apartment, please look at the resources listed below; The GSO cannot directly help you find an apartment, but may be able to answer general questions about Boston housing.

Here are links to the housing information provided below.

Boston Housing Situation

Housing in Boston is very expensive. Price varies by area, but here are some example price ranges:

Because of the strong local economy, rents are increasing fast--a typical increase in rents this year is about 10%.

Keep in mind how much you'll earn during the year when determining what kind of apartment you can afford. With taxes and bills, most graduate students need to share apartments.

The Boston housing market revolves around one date: September 1st. Leases usually begin and end on that date. Since that date is usually close to the beginning of Fall classes, students entering then can expect the first week here at BU to be quite busy. For those entering in the Spring, there are likely to be fewer apartments available than in the Fall.

We strongly recommend you come early to find somewhere to live. Most of the decent apartments go by the end of July, and the few that are left have inflated prices.


Some hints for finding the right apartment.


A description of the areas of Boston that are popular places for BU grad students to live. Also, look at a map of BU's campus and a Boston map of the general area around BU.

BU Housing Resources

These are BU offices that support students in finding either off- or on-campus housing.

Apartment Listings

Here are places where you can view and post electronic listings for apartments, roommates or sublets. (We cannot vouch for or against any of these resources, but you may find them useful.)


If you venture in Boston without a car, you'll want to know about public transit. Greater Boston's public transportation system is called the "T", and includes the subway, buses and commuter trains for the area. However, when Bostonians say "take the T", they are usually referring to the subway portion of the "T", which is a system of several lines, some of which run above ground and some below. References to the Red, Green, Blue or Orange Lines also refer to the subway.

This public transportation system is run by the MBTA, which has schedules and other information at their web site.

Semester Passes

BU students can purchase Semester Passes (go to the MBTA's ticket site, choose "Pass Programs", then "Semester" and follow the link for "Boston University"). Spring Semester Passes must be purchased by January 14, 2000.